Random Storm Questions

  1. What is the best/recommended hand positioning for normal jump lk rushdown? My biggest problem is that I’m simply not doing it quick enough. I have my index finger on lp and ring finger on hp. Should I tap the dash first then slide my index finger down to hit lk? Or tap the dash, then use my thumb for the lk? Or am I completely off in my approach…

  2. How should Storm go about fighting Sentinel? Should her main goal be to stay on top and use fp and hk, and then just wear him down with chip and not get hit by any random launchers?

  3. What are some good tactics with specifically storm/cyclops? I know counter gene splice xx qcf kk xx hailstorm is great for comebacks/breaking traps/whatever else. Any good guardbreaks with storm/cyclops? What about combos? I saw Mixup posted this one in an old storm thread…

launch+cyc, sj.fpXXlightning storm

any good other ones?


  1. I have my index on lp, middle on fp, and ring on assist. and my thumb is on lk. and if i wanna tri jump with a rh, i hit it with my ring finger.

  2. I don’t know…I hardly attack sentinel unless I have at least two levels so I can do considerable damage (assuming you got a storm/sent team)…unless you just feel the urge to hailstorm an assist, psylocke is ALWAYS a good target to attack

  3. hmm…I don’t know a lot of storm/cyke stuff…i don’t think it is too advanced with that duo…cyke is basically an assist that clears shit up for you. they call an assist…call cyke hailstorm…and I mean anytime cyke hits that is a free la xx ls DHC hsf if you got sent…that is cyke’s pluses…he isn’t really that useful when you add him into combos…its just for show.

i do that combo you said mixup posted except i use a rh…not sure why i do though.

like u said though…cyke is a good trap breaker because of his invincibility on his aaa and counter splice xx sob dhc hail. he can make a comeback by himself since he can build meter like wildfire and can easily make good use of it.

wats a good match starter against a mag?

blocking while calling drones is what i do against magneto…or you could try and beat him out with your c.lp using the button switch glitch. the block string i use is c.lp+drones, c.lp, s.fp, drones hit

if they get hit, just do two c.lp’s then launch, the drones will go under them.

What would be the toughest matchup for
Storm (projectile)
Sentinel (ground)
Cyclops (Anti Air)
team ? (I fell in love with that team today yet i still love strider sent doom) Anyways, how should I go about if I am faced against that tough match up?

storm/sent/capcom > storm/sent/cyke

sent/strider/doom > storm/sent/capcom

soo…what that means is…use storm/sent/cyke for a non sent/cap team, and strider/doom for a sent/cap team

obviously, you have to be good with strider/doom

you mean storm sent cyke ownz everyone except sent capcom ? :smiley:

if thas who he loves then…yes, me…i like combofiend…im still trying to figure out when i need to counter team somebody…right now im in the process in learning better tatics against scrub with combofiend, except i play it in the order of mag/sent-a/im…but yeah; i mean, right off of the bat…i can’t think of why you wouldn’t play storm/sent/cyke against everybody but scrub, and it isn’t like an automatic loss when you do go against scrub…im sure justin wong could be a team scrub with storm/sent/cyke…its all a matter of skill i guess, but i will say scrub has a good adv. over storm/sent/capcom, sheer assist punishing power, which hinders that team GREATLY, not to mention that your going to be facing loaded cable vs sent a lot of the time…i’d just say try and win the sent/cap vs sent/cyke battle, even though thas in sent/caps favor…choose your poison

I just checked my college’s website and my first class of the day is cancelled so I have time to spare. This isn’t related to storm exactly, well it is but I have a question. How do you deal with people calling your storm cheap and a whore -_- ? It hurts :frowning: she isn’t that easy to use and her defense is lacklauster.

sentinel, magneto and cable are so fair…and storm is so cheap…yeah ryte; they all are cheap therefore not making it cheap if you can combat cheap vs cheap…ain’t nothing cheaper than a sentinel unblockable or AHVB. But marvel is a crazy game, i like it, i think the cheap glitches, super duper over powered cast one of the reasons why the game is fun.

What would one have to do to have a higher level storm ? =)

Watch Justwin Wong.:lol:
No kidding…well sort of…
Best way to play Storm is sadly is runaway.
She does have the option of rush down but its easier to force your opponent to make a mistake by running away then punish with whatever.

oh yeah and…Super Defense!

                sure u  can watch Justin Wong i mean hes good and all but the way u think is not the same as him. u have to go with what works for u. the way i play against sentinal is use your horizontal typhoons. they will cancel all of his attacks out . still u have to mix it up. the reason why justin wong is so good is he plays smart and safe. good defense while mixing up some stable damaging combos is all u need for a good mvc2 player period . that is including storm too.  u should save your kool looking shit for the noob's.

i wanna play u now timmy, u sound confident with your self now… let me crush all that mumbo jumbo bullshit that u talk and beat u with m/s-bot/psy :evil: :stuck_out_tongue:

haha:lol: damn dan, wuts up man. u seem even more confident in ure own shit. school blows but next time i got the time ill get call u and vladie up. u know we’ll see who can really whoop ass. i know im not the best storm player or nothing but still i mean if ure a nub i can give some tips,right. i mean i dont totally suck.

lets play for money nikka! :), so we can see whose better :smiley:

Edit: tell me your tactics on blockin resets, if u have any :confused:

what’s the "button switch"

switch trick glitch. if dun know about it. then dun worry bout it.


if you swap in a character before the match by holding down an assist button then hold down the attack you want to come out at beginning, it has mad priority.