Random stick death

This is a very vague issue to describe but I’m afraid I’m out of ideas at this point.

I have a MAS super pro stick which no longer works at all. It worked just fine until at one point it started dropping input randomly, as in no input would work at all for brief moments. One or two sessions later it no longer put any input through to the PC at all.

It uses one PS/2 (not PS2) connector to hook up to a keyboard, and another to hook up to the PC, so that both the keyboard and the stick can be used at once through the same port. Now when I start the computer with both hooked up though, it doesn’t even detect the keyboard.

Opening up the case did not reveal anything useful, nothing had any immediately visible physical damage (there was a yellow spider living in there though). Has anyone ever experienced this before? Is it normal for the wires to just wear out over time like headphones’ tend to?

Yea I experienced before, I got a custom happ stick about two and a half years ago
Played on it constantly for about a year and a half then the up directions started dropping on the joystick. Then the fierce punch would stop working for a bit.

It got worse and worse till now the fierce button stops working after hitting it a few times and wont work again unless you unplug and replug in the controller and the joystick won’t register any of the up directions(upright,up,upleft) about 60-70 percent of the time.

All happ parts and I think mas sticks all use happ parts too. Controller was also for the 360.

Don’t know why it started to do that I looked inside and saw no damage to anything either it just started happening over time. It could be an issue with happ arcade parts and the japanese really do make better quality components.

There isn’t much to the construction of arcade parts; so there are only a few places where things can go wrong. From the OP’s description of the problem, it sounds like there is something wrong in the PCB. I’m afraid I don’t know very much about that particular unit… but losing all input and losing keyboard recognition wouldn’t have anything to do with the connected parts (joystick, buttons). Is there any way to see of pictures of the innards of that stick?

Sorry for taking so ridiculously long! Here are the best photos I could get: