Random Sentinel glitch (completely useless btw)

So i was playing the CPU… and I was stomping on the last of the three character, and i killed it with chip damage… i was in the midst of doing an unfly stomp chain, and this is what happens…

fly, lk, unfly, lk…

i BELIEVE the lk while in flight mode is what killed the character

but the game froze… sentinel was still in flight mode… and about five seconds later, the game was good to go and my score came up… but sentinel stayed in flight mode

anybody ever see that? had me confused…

then the next round starts, and sentinel has a blue flame… it was basically the same shit as when you do that fly glitch… (fly, engine thrust DHC out… DHC sent back in, his flame is blue until you fly / unfly again)

I happen to get that randomly as well. It happens more if like I call an assist (CapCom, Cyc, etc.) with him but I had no clue on how to actually do that.

I never started the round with a blue flame for Sentinel either so that’s something that surprised me. I do it the glitchy way you mentioned per DHC.

Interesting though.

What version were you playing on?


Its not new but I didnt know about the blue flame stuff for the next round.

I think you get it when you win when you’re in flight mode, but you don’t attack them directly…

Thats just marvel man.

Once I went air to air with WM with Psy, did a psy shot, and WM just sticks up in the corner flashing like Psy does after her projectile, in the blocking postion. 4 seconds later, he drops.

And another time I do Proton cannon with IM but mags did tempest same time, so it came out “PROTON tempessssstttt” and then 2 IM faces flashed on the screen, and then after a long super flash, we both act like we got hit off the top of a proton cannon, and lost all meter.

Marvel, gotta love it.

Yep, gotta’ love that game.