Random questions on ST

  • could anyone tell me how to beat CPU DeeJay? using a shoto, for example. i don’t have any trouble vs Guile or any ofthe other CPU charge characters, but DeeJay’s being a bitch.

  • what are the conditions for fighting Akuma? is it a score, never losing a round, a minimum number of super finishes, or some combination of the above (if so, in what combination)?

  • i’ve seen a version of ST where instead of a Shun Goku Satsu, Akuma fights a round with Bison (winning perfect) before your character even enters the screen. has anyone seen this? does anyone kow what version it is…?

How to beat DeeJay

If your using Ryu or Ken, just be patient.

Don’t ever jump at him. Throw fireballs at him only when your opposite sides of the screen or right after you knocked him down, or else he’ll just jump kick you.

Just do basic pokes like low forward and strong punch. DeeJay after a few seconds will get bored and jump at you which is when you dragonpunch him.

DeeJay does his super dread kick almost everytime after he does a single one(weak kick version). If you see this pattern be sure to jump over him and punish him.

Not exactly sure about the conditions to fight Akuma but not continuing is definetly a given. And I’ve NEVER seen CPU Akuma and Bison having a full round battle before a match. If it exists its news to me.

In my version, the PC one, if u dont continue, u will fight Akuma at the end… just almost sure (i would swear that once this didnt happen tho…) However, if u keep continuing against Bison, Akuma may appear sometime…but this is very rare. Also, if u beat the game against Akuma, there is no character ending…only the credits are shown.

In my version if u are to fight AKuma at the end, an invicible Akuma fights against hopeless Bison who ends up being perfected by the shoto invariantly. Never seen the SGS in my version.

How do u select Akuma in this game?

I can only speak for the arcade version, but:

to beat Deejay, as with any game, it depends on the difficulty setting. If it’s up high, it’s a hard fight 'cause the computer cheats as it does with all the other characters.

To achieve Akuma, win eight (I believe, but could be six) rounds in a row. Then if you make it to the end without continuing, Akuma will appear.

Akuma’s entrance will be teleporting into the screen, the screen flashes and stuff, and Bison is defeated. Never has the whole fight been shown - in the arcade version.

against DeeJay… yea of course full stars.

i’ve got some of his patterns down, like

  • short dread kick, super (jump over)
  • slash, slash, slash, slash, slash, slash…
  • anti-air FP, RK, c.RK, j.FK, rapid punch thingy.

and his anti-airs are exactly what annoy the fuck out of me. at least i could jump on Guile uncharged, but DeeJay’s normals win against everything but Ken’s jump Fierce, and even then there’s still a risk of being thrown. and i agree that it’s mostly about getting the fucker to jump, and DPing his ass. but i really wish there was a sure fire way to win, like vs THawk or Gief.

the full round where Akuma perfects Bison was just as Mufasa said, but i saw it on an arcade machine. it was probably a japanese version, but i’m sure many japanese versions exist.

No true capcom made cps2 b board for super turbo (or super x in japan) will have bison fighting akuma before you fight him at the very end. That was only in the rather piss poor pc version of the game released some time ago.

The EASIEST way to beat Dee Jay using Ryu is simply do roundhouse hurricane kick over and over. He’ll block with his face :slight_smile:

again, my word against yours…

uh, ryus hurricane kick owns dee jay with ease on any difficulty setting.:rolleyes: