Random Matchmaking/Get-togethers

I figured I should get the ball rolling and consolidate all future threads into this one thread (i.e. when magus1234 makes a thread called “who wants to play…NOW (april 29 5:00)”) . Basically whenever anyone wants to get together spontaneously as opposed to the already posted threads for weekly organized gatherings, post up in this thread.

With that said, it is Monday morning MAY 04th and I’m down to get some games (dat fo’ and mahvel) in wherever around 2pm.

Who is down to play today? I have a place we can play at as long as someone brings a ps3. Or i am willing to travel. I am also with eph. someone post up and let me know.

My house? vallejo? Around 9? Sexbox360. Or ps3 if someone wants to bring theirs. Someone bring sticks por favor. Let me know by 8:30