(Random) damage levels?

Just a quick question. I was bored the other day and figure I’d try seeing which characters had more powerful normals than others (A3 btw). Seemed to me that there was a lot of random stuff going on, eg one minute one character would have the more powerful fierce, only the next time I tried it the other character would.

Is this just randomness? If so, does this happen in all games? I seem to remember trying the same thing years ago in the classic SFers and seeing the same thing.

Are you using them on the same character? Also try experimenting with deep and far attacks, sometimes it makes a difference.

Well, the amount of damage you deal does actually go down as the opponents life bar gets lower. This applies to most (if not all) of the fighting games I’ve played.

What games are you referring to? None of the capcom fighters i know of do that.

Anybody getting the same result as me? (I’m playing Alpha 3 through MAME). Am making sure the moves are the same, so no mistaking close for far moves.

Not sure what it’s about, but maybe moves have an approximate damage that varies within upper and lower boundaries… I’ve looked for system FAQS on this but they never seem to cover damage dealt.

I’m pretty sure both A3 and ST have random damage amounts.

Make sure you test it only when the opponent’s lifebar is at 100%, and really it should only be against the same opponent each time. With a lot of SFs, some characters take more damage than others, and damage gets scaled when your life bar gets lower.

Don’t know about Alpha 3, but the SF2s did have random damage values.

Go to training mode and turn the attack data on. Do a move or combo with the opponent’s life bar full. Do the very same move or combo with the opponent’s life bar significantly lower, and do it again with the life bar even lower than that. The amount of damage displayed should be lower.

Now I’m not sure about upper and lower boundaries and such. I’ll probably do a bit of testing once I get home.

damage in A3 isnt random, but it depends on the distance between players, so its hard to get accurate damage values without knowing the formula(s?) they used.

btw, nearly all kof games have slightly random damage on normals. this sucks for combo makers.

I actually tested it on Alpha Anthology, A1 and A2 have randome damage, where as A3 has fixed. Don’t know about ST, although I wouldn’t be suprised if it had random damage.

Also to the anti damage scaling guy… Riiiiiiight…

Sometimes in SF2, Honda’s Fierce did jab damage.

In Alpha 3, pretty much all projectiles that hit from a full-screen away do only 1 damage. No matter how much life you have.

Seems to maybe have something to do with the character behind getting a “catch-up” bonus?.. Is there a system FAQ that covers this? It’s a mysterious phenomenon.

In cvs2 damage gets scaled with how much life you have left. Also in cvs2 different characters all take the same ammount of damage, they have different ammounts of life. Most games (from what I can tell) have everyone with the same ammount of life but with a damage multiplier.

Well…most older games did the damage multiplier rather than varying HP.

I know for sure that Guilty Gear does the damage multiplier.

CvS2 does HP for different characters, AND a damage multiplier for different ratios.
3S does a HP system only.
Most of the KOF games and Garou do HP systems only.

Yes…there is random damage…specially on MvC …and the damage is also reduced according to the enemy’s life bar…How I know that?

I mapped the memory position responsable for the damage on the game (FF2600) and a jab from ryu takens from 3-4 damage randonly and if the enemy life is low it reduces according to it like 2/3 of the bar = 2-3 damage and 1/3 of the bar 1-2 damage…etc

Also a running fierce does more damage than a standed one :wink: