Random Advanced Marvel Execution/Input

I’m interested in some of the more unique execution inputs/techniques that are in the game. Not simply “how to mash” or anything like that but getting more into little-known character- or situation-specific stuff.

For example, I just read about a method to input Strider’s Teleport from the crouching position (in order to teleport while ducking under Cable’s s.HP or some other projectile). It was described as a quick 2x QCB motion rather than the standard input. Possibly a bad example of what I’m looking to get info on.

Or with Magnus, there’s a lot of ways to invent specific motions that will lead to sj. HP or HK grabs. One I use is ROM, dash under, 360 motion ending at Left or Right + HP. I land this maybe 3/5 times whereas I’d be lucky getting it once in twenty if i try straight super-jump, Air Dash, let stick go neutral, grab. With that one motion you get Super Jump, Neutral, and Grab.

How about Tiger Knee motions? I know there’s some strange nuances with that. For instance there’s a couple moves I can NEVER tiger knee. One of them is Morrigan’s air fireball, and another is Akuma’s dive kick. What’s the deal? Am I just an idiot? With Morrigan I can get TK-height fireballs by doing SJ immediate FP xx Fireball or sj Dash xx fireball, but never by TK’ing the motion. What is it about these moves? It seems like a pretty random property.

Post up your random execution tips and tricks.

shoultz, help em out:pray:

negative edge for fast fly

tigerknee to sjc out of mag’s s.hk/hp

holding hp and hk and tap lp and lk to mash silver samurais lightning super

ggac sux


a qcb\qcf x2 is forced to be recognized as a shoryuken input for marvel @ a certain speed. I think you can pretty much consider this a fact.

iirc, strider can speed up his charge time by doing a teleport, instant change, falling FP\RH and upon landing, he will have a stored up charge. If you simply teleport, then fall w\o attacking and instant charge, you can’t throw a bomb immediately upon landing. I can’t remember how it went but it was something along that line.

To do a TK SRK, you first do an original TK motion, then you input dwn, dwnfwd+p. The TK into the dwn, dwnfwd @ a certain speed will buffer the fwd input from the TK and transfer it over w\in a time frame. Kinda effective with roll because you can TK SRK her flower bomb and repeatedly throw them from a very low height. Works well with ken or any other character that has something of similar use. Works well with strider with his j.srk inputs.

cable can do TK sj.fp, lk. This will do a sj.fp for a little extra bar then immediate TK LK grenade to be positioned where you want to be. Maximize that option tree dammit. Cable actually gets his bar out before the bullet shoots. All he has to do is pull his gun out and he’s built up bar for that move.

umm pretty much all characters can kara supers but it has very limited uses.

and for a crowd pleaser, you can tech throw by doing lp, fp. A double input tech throw to be exact. Can also be done with lk, rh iirc. Normally to tech a throw, you have to hit a fierce. When your opponent knows you can tech fairly well, eventually they’ll bait out that tech and you wiff with a fierce. Its part of the throw mind game. With the kara tech throw in place, it does 2 things. If they fake you out, its a jab so you don’t have to worry about that wiffed fierce. If they throw you, its a tech for the throw. It gives you the fastest possible counter hit + the option to tech the throw. Broken sizzle.

with charlie, if you do his banana kick like up, upfwd, fwd, dwnfwd, dwn, dwnback +K, you’ll input his banana kick + start a charge time. Usually by the time you land, its enough to throw a boom or flash kick. Pretty deadly and it makes his game that much more deadly.

strider has a bomb glitch where if the bomb goes off and he SJ’s the position of the explosion height is based upon striders. You can trick the game by thinking you SJed by doing a bomb, TK qcf+pp and activate orbs. You actually don’t leave the ground. Before strider goes into SJ frames, he’s in this animation where he’s about to go into the air. By Tking orbs on this frame, you force the game to think you went into the air because of TK input, but the qcf+pp keeps him grounded. Allowing for the glitch to take effect but not put strider into the air. Magnetro told me why that worked by the way.

strider can TK a sonic boom motion. When he has his satellite, sonic boom +p, you can charge it up, back, dwnback, dwn, dwnfwd, fwd, upfwd+P. This will TK his sonic boom and by doing it on the upfwd part, you don’t actually cancel into his j.qcf+p. Its kinda useless but ehhh, this is how you find out about the engine. Keep tabs on the weird shit and always go back to it a few months because by then, you’ve probably gotten better and you may use that trick a different way or apply in a way where it becomes applicable.

some of the above post is wandering off into theory marvel garbage

Thanks shoult, i was looking for a way to consistently get TK srks.

Okay, random Tiger Knee issue/observation.

When I first learned how to TK AHVB consistently it was when i figured out that d,df, f, uf, df registered as a 99.9% accurate motion for qcf specials. At some point though i realized that marvel gives you noticeably more leeway when you do LP/LK specials as opposed to HP/HK. Super moves when TK’d that way have a leeway close to, maybe greater than LP/LK.

Anyone know why that is? Thats the only way I tigerknee shit so i’m not sure how that relates to people who do it with straight TK motion. Reason why this is an issue for me is that lately I’ve been playing a lot of Spiral and using her qcb+HK Quickdrop move as a staple to a Tron based offense (think instant overhead with Tron and swords to set it up/nullify assists), and since that particular move falls into the HP/HK category I’m slipping into and out of being able to consistently get that TK off with the method i use. What I’ve done is switch to just letting the stick fly and getting it about half the time. Doesn’t really cut it for me.

I’m playing on a stock green goblin stick-- anyone feel like a happ 360 is easier or harder with TKs or does it matter? Need some help with this bc Spiral will rtsd if I can get those TKs consistent.

thats a very good question as I have wondered about that myself.

side note, strider can do TK qcf+lp, lk, fp and rh when orbs are not activated. However, when you activate orbs and try to do TK qcf+fp or rh, the game doesn’t allow it come out for some reason.

^^Thats weird.

Kinda similar-- within Speed-up mode it seems even harder for Spiral to get TK Quickdrops. MArvel does what it wants.

i use negative edge as much as i can. fast flys are easy as hell with that… i also do random shit that works for me, but id on’tk now about you…


magneto’s s.hk 1 hit… i say avocado… when i get to the ‘ca’ sound, i hit down and the ‘do’ sound is up and it works about 90% of the time… it helped a lot before i got the tming down.

After I perfected the c.RH SJC, all the rest kinda came naturally. Its the same timing, you just have to cancel off the hit.

Ive also noted that a well timed shallow tri-jump registers as AD/Throw if you do a RH with mags. This works wonders when using tron as a anti-front/anti-air and they are right off the ground, or if you wanna rest throw in the corner.