Ranbat 7

Ughh sorry i’m soo late ;( bad weekend and work week.

copy pasta:http://clgamer.com/2009/07/ranbat-7/

It was hot this past weekend, you are quite welcome for the retroactive weather forecast.

There were two new players that showed up. Yay. I am sorry that this is a bit late, I have been busy with getting this site to look prettier. Were closing in on the winter months so the ranbats might become monthlies(to accommodate other titles, Tekken 6,Blazblue, cough i mean Kof xII). Ill still keep the CLP system and use that to seed future tournaments.

Anyway Mariodood showed up late. It cost him because he played Aulord in the finals AND LOST! As I type this, I am being stalked by a giant bug so Ill just go ahead and post the video plus the top 3


vids on the site or channel.

Congrats to Aulord for winning! Good job Mariodood for beasting through losers; both of you guys played well and deserved your placings.