Ranbat 4.5 Salt Lake City Utah Dec 18th

Offical Announcement

Ranbat 4.5

December 18th

Location: Godfathers Pizza in Carriage Square. This is redwood road and 4100 South. There is a seperate party room there. I have this reserved.

Time: 11am Casuals, 1pm tourney start time. Team 3v3 tournament and Singles SSF4. Will have side UMK3 if Konqrr can make it.

Cost: 10 dollars tournament entry fee for singles, no teams fee. Pizza buffet if you want it is $6.99 plus tax. Buffet goes from 11-2. No sharing buffets.

Prizes: Top 3 take home entry fees 70/20/10. Team tourney prizes not determined yet.

Rules. Winner keeps character but can switch Ultra. Loser can change both. Double elimination.

Please bring your own controller/stick.

Bump for tournament this weekend