Ramsey Behind Bars

Anyone else watching this…?

Its a breath of fresh air after the last season of Hell’s Kitchen. Really. Check it out.

Buy some cupcakes made by the inmates. All pastries are x-rayed for foreign objects so its legit.


Sees title
Enters thread

God dammit.

It is a show?! DAMN IT!

im glad, its about time that douche faced justice for his treatment of the hebrews

His U.S. shows are the perfect storm of everything wrong with American tv, his U.K shows however, are nearly perfect. First episode was great.


Haven’t watched since about eoisode 4.
Inmates got sensitive and just started ddropping out
after the knife incident that wasn’t even their fault.
most definitely
get back into thiss.
watched everything Gordon’s done so far aside from the last 3 f word seasons.
from my fingers using ticking buolshitphone

Once again we post misleading thread titles SRK…

Once again we post misleading thread titles SRK…

Our US brethren haven’t seen it yet, well done on not using spoilers.

Do that many US people on here give a shit about this dude that we need to care about spoilers? For a cooking show?

I wouldn’t call it a cooking show, it’s just reality tv at the end of the day.

So…he didn’t choke a hooker?

She overcooked his eggs


The scallops were raw.

His UK shows are actually watchable, it is a night and day difference.