Ragna Combos

Can some one tell me some useful and practical Ragna combos?
I’ve looked all over and can’t make out anything useful, Also can we do it in order of easiest to hardest(In terms of execution)

Have you done his challenge mode? That will set you up with some of the basics. In increasing order of difficulty too, for the most part.

Extend’s Challenge mode is great for learning basic and advanced combos. Much unlike CS’s…

Which ones are useful?

Ragna’s challenge mode is actually quite useful, but i would advise you to check some of the countless ragna tutorials on youtube.


The 1st two vids are pretty usefull to start with Ragna and the other two are more advanced, but then again, Ragna is actually quite easy in terms of combos. You can deal heavy damage without much training

Simple way to learn the basics of a character in BB:
#1 - tutorial
#2 - training/challenge
#3 - play their story mode / arcade mode (Unlimited Hazama is ass even on normal so change game difficulty to match your accumulated skill)

Probably all of them, until you master harder ones.

I found this to be the best one

That one is from CS2 - outdated

Any ones similar to that but for Extend cos the japanesse ones are confusing as fuck.
Also is there any Ragna users here could you share you’re favourite BnBs which have proven useful.

Well, the Dustloop Wiki has a bunch of stuff listed.

Seriously though. Just start with the challenge stuff. It’s perfectly good. Odds are that if you learn those, you’ll have some valuable combo parts to assist you in learning other stuff. You have to walk before you can run.

Yeah the only bit I’m having trouble with is the two QC Motions after his DP

This:**623D > 236C > 214D **
I can never smash the last one in time…

Unfortunately, that’s a pretty key component for him - as always, I advise slowing down your motions and trying to do them smoothly rather than “smashing it out”; The timing window isn’t really THAT restrictive, so try to keep control and carefully perform the motion rather than flailing the stick about and hoping. (This is not a criticism, I still have a couple of combos where I flail, and the success rate is not what I’d like it to be. :P)

This is sortof contrary to most folks instinct - generally, when you miss a combo, for whatever reason, you try to do it faster and crazier the next time, and that’s almost never valuable. Slow and steady gets the motions.

The last two hits in ID can be delayed pretty well, instead of mashing the inputs try to execute them carefully. You can also try it out in Stylish layout, just press C x 3 and next time try delaying the last two Cs a little.

Wouldn’t reeeally call it BnB but:
B > C > Hell’s Fang > additional attack (force them closer to the corner, run after)
(> 6B just to lure them to block standing) > C > 6C (run cancel) > D > Dead Spike (jump) > j.C > j.D (jump) > j.C > Belial Edge (run cancel if needed) > D > Dead Spike … and then you can ID or use Carnage Scissors. I beat 400 floors in Abyss basically just using this combo.

Wow how long is that combo…

Once you nail it down it’s solid 2-4k damage, the most important part is to have 6C connect. It might be wise to resort doing ID instead of Carnage Scissors, just back-grab your opponent when they get up and do it then. More damage via new combo etc.

Ragna’s Basic BNB’s to become instantly GDLK making everyone fucking hate you online for picking such a fucking annoying character that everyone plays:

[LEFT]For real, though. Here are the Ragna combos you NEED to know.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]5B > 5C > 214A > 214D - Good carry, only do this when you have no meter / standing opponent.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]**Weak Starter > 3C > D Divider **- Weak starters such as 2A or mashed confirms prorate badly leaving you with short, lame combos. This setup makes the best out of what you’ve got giving you decent midscreen oki (Always do the ax kick ender on the Divider)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]**5B > 5C > 6C > Dash Cancel > 6B > 5C > 5D > Dash Cancel > 6A > j.D > j.D > D Divider **- Only possible on crouching opponents. Does ridiculous meterless damage. Do this combo is you land a 6B overhead on a crouching opponent too. Honestly. Fuck this combo.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]**xx > 5B > 6A > sj.C > j.C + j.D x2 > 214C > 6B > 214D > 5C > 5D > D Divider > CU 3C > Hells Fang / 22C- **Level 1 basic corner shit.[/LEFT]

5B > 6A (jump) > j.5C > j.5D (jump) > j.5C > j.5D > Inferdno Divider, absolutely fave Ragna combo.

[LEFT]Because of the fatal 5C causes to crouching (or was it 2C)? Other than that I don’t see the point.[/LEFT]

It’s because crouching characters have two frames more hitstun than standing characters, so you can do combos on them that you can’t do on standing characters.

Also, 5C isn’t a fatal (2C is Ragna’s fatal) and even if it was, it would need to be the first hit to be a fatal counter.

2C fatal is a completely different ball game Verimeloni.