Raging Storm Help

Im finding it hard to pull this off…is there any tips you can give me? thanx

instead of trying to do a full circle motion, try to do an oval shaped motion : like :: this (), but sideways

Instead of db, hcb, df + punch, try just doing hcf, hcb, hcf + punch. It’ll be a little slower (the command), but the efficiency is notably better.

Another note, if you’re damn good at negative edging shit, then use the RS as anti-air by using this trick I did on accident one day:

do the down-back, press and HOLD fierce when you pass down during the half-circle back, then finish it with the down-forward - (minus) punch (release the punch). Just obviously time it so that the cr.fierce hits them when they jump in or cross-up. It’s so damn pimp people will love you, and yes the RS juggles after the cr.fierce. And yes this does extremely monster damage!!!