Ragequitter syndrome

I don’t know what it is but I’ve come across a string of ragequitters in SF4 and now even GAROU MOW tonight (a game I have hardly come across any folks playing)

I was playing matches tonight with a few dudes from the forum and a random guy joined my match and ragequitted both times he played against me. Afterwards he sent me some hate mail saying I need to stop spamming fireballs and whatever.

Ok first of all I wasn’t spamming fireballs I was setting up fireball traps but thats a sound strategy… For someone to complain in a game hardly anyone plays is pretty much beyond me like ranked stats really matter.

Street Fighter 4 it just gets painful, I don’t think that I am particularly good at this game but its annoying when I’m finally laying a beatdown on someone only to have them quit early (doubly so if they send some trash talk to my inbox)

Alright… I feel better after venting :arazz:

Some people are just stupid pussies that can’t take losing.

If they quit on you then that means your just to beasty for them lol

Your best bet is to publicly humiliate them. Take a screen shot and post it in the main Ragequitter forum (sorry, too lazy to search for it and post it here).

Nothing better than calling somebody a bitch with PROOF of their vaginal activity.


:rofl::rofl::rofl:i’ve been writing down the names of the queens i’ve been making quit in MVC2. i need to start doin it in Blazblue and SF4. that way when i see them i work to make them quit faster every time. i’ve even had some quit before the match even starts:rofl::rofl::rofl: