Rage of the Dragons

How many of you guys play it? Anyone know a tier list? Feel free to post up combos/strats as well, I enjoy this game and want to know more about it.

If I remember correctly I believe Alice was on top but I could
be wrong, mainly cause of her corner relaunch ABCD infinite.

I started playing some ROTD today, neat lil game, but the combo system gives me a headache, and it could of benefited with some more originality too. Nearly every character has a fireball or dragon punch type of move. I am really digging Pepe though, he’s the man!

I think the last I remember, it was Oni, Kang, Pepe, then everyone else.

Johann is such a whore too…

where did u find this game to download i only know 2 websites that have roms and emus.

I had the most perfect condition ROTD kit awhile back, but I sold it because it gets boring really quick like.

It was made by Mexicans, so whaddya expect?
I’m just glad the game isn’t just 6 Iori palette swaps and 6 Iori-in-drag (Miss X?) palette swaps…


There was a tourny on this game a while back, where were you peeps?

I played this game as well, only was decent at it, and the last boss is a pain. (though I still say Sissy from Matrimelee is worse… heh)

Sigh…I recall making one of these threads too…not to be mean guys but seriously check the older threads before you make a new one…Ive seen at least 3 ROTD Threads not counting this one already.

Alice is on top…her infinite is godly without doubt…she is female Geese…infinite is too easy…

Shes good even without the infinite seriously…but that puts her ontop…

I played this game a long time ago. The moves aren’t very original as they have made appearances in other fighting games. It was fun at the time but I haven’t played it since then.

Okay since XI is out how many of you that play this game can play with Pupu??

If you can then it must be a lot easier transitioning into playing with Momoko right??

Are you being sarcastic? I’ve never played Pupu or Momoko but I heard that their both pretty garbage… Well Momoko for sure IS garbage in XI…

I play this game, not much my friend has an MVS homemade console with this game… I just play as Alice.

Oh trust me I know they are garbage…I aint being sarcastic…they both play very similar…Momoko was obviously modeled after Pupu…
Matter of fact Pupu came to mind when I first saw Momoko…it first struck me…I was like “She’s Pupu from ROTD!”

Maybe that’s why they called her “Pupu” probalyl cuz she sucks like it.

Yeah that is true indeed…she takes a bunch of effort like Momoko…seriously…I cross reference the two to help me out with Momoko in XI…

She stinks like Pupu surely…but hey I love getting the most out of low tier characters.

Okay would anyone in here be interest in ROTD casual match vids??? I can get some recorded and post them up if people are interested…

Because this thread has been dead for a while and maybe I can get it sparked back up…letting people see Alice in all her glory…:rofl: :badboy:

Let me just clarify:

Alice’s infinite is cheap, but Kang is top tier…let me clarify the tiers a bit so everyone understands why

Boss - Johann, Abubo ( they don’t belong in competitive play and you fucking know who you are :confused: )
S- Kang ( Kang has the ability to KILL ANYONE IN THE GAME, in ONE combo starting with him and going to ANY TAG PARTNER IN THE GAME, starting with NO meter whatsoever. Alice just has an easy infinite but her normals are worse than Kang’s IIRC and it’s hard to pressure people into getting hit by it if they’re good. think of it this way - Kang = Gato, Alice = Kula. Kang’s jump D is just as insane as Gato’s and his DP is sheer insanity )
A- Alice ( really braindead infinite, almost everything she does is safe, much like Kula in KOF XI ), Pupa ( Queixada is safe on block, and much like Shizumaru from SS Tenka, has a very damaging unblockable super done simply by holding D, the longer held the more damage, can be used for free damage after blockstrings ), Billy and Jimmy ( Billy’s slash cross i think might be safe, and his corner juggles are usually fatal, same with Jimmy but Jimmy is probably better than Billy at punishing unsafe moves though because of full screen Gun Blow aka Buster Wolf (lol) ).
B- Sonia ( knife pressure is really good and her BnBs hurt even worse than Billy’s and Jimmy’s without meter…trouble is it’s harder to get in with her ) Lynn ( if you ever catch someone crouching in the corner, they die a horrific death via infinite ) Cassandra ( reeeaaally good blockstring )
C - Radel ( good priority but suffers against the top tier ), Mr. Jones ( useless guard crush move but he has Gato’s anti air kick super for some reason? ), Pepe ( too punishable )
D- Annie, Oni ( same as Pepe )

Good stuff…finally some people that play some of these games