RadioShack PS2 to USB Adapter

I know there have been countless threads about the RadioShack PS2 to USB Adapter, but the reason for the creation of this thread is that there are apparently 3 different kinds of RadioShack PS2 to USB Adapters, and only one of them is supposedly good.

I’ve provided a picture of what each adapter looks like:

Adapter #1:

Adapter #2:

Adapter #3:

In this thread,, people were saying that the adapter had problems with multiple input presses and doing supers in certain games.

I’ve had two people tell me that Adapter #2 is the one to get, and that there are no multiple input problems or input delays with it (when using a DualShock 2 controller).

Note: I plan on using a Sony DualShock 2 controller with this adapter. I am not planning on using a stick. I am just looking for an adapter free of any input delay issues or multiple input press issues.

I just want to get some more feedback before I go out and waste more money (already bought two Saitek PC controllers, both trash). Hopefully this thread will serve in the future as a means of differentiating between the good and the bad RadioShack PS2 to USB Adapters.

Thanks for your time.

I have the radioshack adapter, and it works wonderfully. It’s also inexpensive, might as well grab one!

I think you missed the entire point of the thread. Which one did you get? #1, #2, or #3?

I have the second one. Best $13 I ever spent. No troubles with it at all.

Either #1 or 2 will do~

My friends and I have used both and they work flawlessly.

Never had problems with #2.

I had a problem with #1 my hrap2 inputs were never registered but I ended up over clocking my USB hertz to 500 instead of the standard 125 and it works like a charm.

I have #2 - I’veo nly had ONE issue with it. It doesn’t like multiple adapters on one computer. I bought to so that I could play against folks, well the drivers at least at the time - barfed and would only recognize one at a time. Outside of that it was perfect, I made it a permanent fixture to my computer actaully. I’d buy it and if you have issues - just take it back bitching about it. Worse case - they charge you a 10% restocking fee oooh a buck

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i have one that looks like this

and it works fine…

and yes its from radioshack…

#2 lags a bit on kaillera

Are you sure it’s not just Kaillera’s input delay…?

I went ahead and bought adapter #2 at RadioShack earlier today. It seems pretty solid, there’s not any (noticeable) input delay, but I do have 2 complaints:

My friend’s PS2 controller is not detected by this adapter, but it does work on a PS2. My two other PS2 controllers were detected, though.

The aforementioned problem where you press a button over and over quickly and it goofs up every few presses does exist in this controller. I haven’t encountered any situations yet that demanded me to press my buttons that quickly, though, but I hear that in some fighting games, people are required to do so.

I’m thinking about maybe returning it and getting the all-black one. Anyone know if there’s anything wrong with the black one? Could you do the test where you press a button repeatedly very quickly and see if it misses any of your inputs? (Do this on the Control Panel>>Gaming Controllers>>Properties window where you can see the little red buttons on your screen lighting up whenever you press a button). Could you also make sure that there’s not any input delay with your Dual Shock 2?

Thanks again.

seems worse using it than it does say using a smartjoy

Kaillera’s an inconsistent experience, though. You could have a good game against one guy with low ping and then play a laggy SOB the next. Are you using a Dual Shock 2?

yep. doesn’t matter what i put on though same thing happens

Sorry bout that. I was referring to number 2. It’s a great adapter.

#2 have had no problems at all however, i did find one there recently that supports the rumble feature. HAven’t tried it out yet on computer #2

I have that one too and used it with my HRAP2. It worked fine for about a week then all of a sudden I was playing Alpha 3 and it decided to lag like crazy. I got a generic Smartjoy Dual Box off Ebay and it works perfectly with a HRAP2 and MAS.

I also have one of these (let’s call it #4) adapters, and so far it seems to work fine with little or no lag. However I also have a #2 but it wasn’t made by Radioshack. It’s actually a SmartJoy 2.0 from back before Lik-Sang bought them out. And it had some serious issues of auto-pressing the start button start at random times (which made some console emulators unplayable).