R2 Blanka Vs. R2 Sagat

I’ve been playing a lot with Sagat in C-Groove, but I’ve been experimenting more and more with K-Groove lately.

My team as of now is K/C-Guile/Bison/Sagat with Sagat on R2.

I’ve been seeing more and more of Blanka on R2 though and I hear he’s a beast, especially on K.

What are the pro’s and con’s of each on K and C grooves?

my suggestion is if you’re going to play blanka in K either replace guile or bison for him andget the best of both worlds, I think sagat is a better R2 than him but they’re both awesome

I hate blanka in K groove. The only time id ever use blanka R2 over Sagat R2 would be in A groove ovbiously. K sagat is way to strong. C sagat is way to dangerous with a level 2.

Blanka is still out of control

sagat with combos into level 3 or c-groove cancel is way better at r2

r2 blanka in A, r2 sagat in all other grooves (assuming you’re gonna use sagat always). in K it’s a little questionable but that’s gonna be all preference.

only people who are good at street fighter should can/should play r2 blanka. pay attention to who you see do it, and who’s successful.

K Blanka is better R1. R2 is only good for C/A (especially A)

r2 blanka is only better than r2 sagat in a groove, like everyone else said.

k blanka pros - easy to play, one of the best low jumps in the game, pretty good random super.

k sagat pros- sagat, with run. greatly benefits from rage as far as damage & guardcrush goes. low tiger super is a very good random super, low jump hk is really good.

k blanka cons- not as good at landing his super as some other characters, lacks a real reversal besides super and back hop. turtle game isnt AS strong w/o rc.

k sagat cons- a sakura is a little bit tougher for k sagat imo, but other than that, pretty much nothing, k sagat is like the strongest k groove character.

c blanka pros-stored super, turtle game is very strong, gets rc. dash > run with blanka.

c sagat pros-great level 2 cancels, sagat’s roll is pretty good, his alpha counter is pretty good, and all that other good sagat stuff.

c blanka cons- same thing as k blanka, in that he has a harder time landing his super. his only real level 2 cancel involves the kick ball super, his alpha counter is shit.

Great post, thanks.