R.Mika Season 3 - what should we expect?

Hi guys,

what do you think happen in season 3 for Mika?

What do you want in terms of buffs? (Be realistic).
should expect any nerf?

I think the character is pretty balanced but need some buffs for become more well-rounded, my personal list is:

  1. cr.MP hitbox move backward, or something for AA the close jump-in/crossup.
    Capcom knows Mika has a hole in her AA option and give her the the Shooting Star Air combo, but I thinks this move is too slow for use on reaction, in fact never see anybody use this target combo.

  2. Less pushback for MP on hit.
    How many times mp > hp whiff at certain distance that should be in a combo range?

  3. I dream a EX Peach armor from frame 1. Like Birdie EX Bullhorn.
    This move is very useful for Mika’s game, but is easily punishable on block and don’t give KD Advantage anymore like in S1, so maybe give the armor from frame 1 it’s not so overpower? But I’m not sure, what do you think?

  4. cr.HP +0 on Hit from -2 on hit.
    Seriously, a move leave you in front of the opponent at -2 ON HIT. Fuck! xD

I hope there are no big nerfs after the S1>S2 face slap.

Your turn.

I think they should take her v-skill back to the drawing board. The throw damage is so paltry now that you can barely notice it on tap, and if you dare hold it longer than that the other 20% of the cast can reach you too…

I’d like to see the tap version maybe give frame 1 armor on ex plane and peach, and at 1 tier give her 1 armor persistent for at least 10 seconds. If you can hold it all the way the round should just end, because anyone who didn’t stop you yet is afk and I’d rather it cut to a cinematic auto-super than have me walk up to throw my afk opponent.

if she get 1 hit of armor for every level of mic performance? And maybe restore the Beta version of VSkill (the second level coming much faster)
What do you think about my list in the frist post?

Somebody else? Where are you all mika players?!

  1. cr.HP +0 on Hit from -2 on hit.
    Seriously, a move leave you in front of the opponent at -2 ON HIT. Fuck! xD

^^This is one of the most bullshit they ever made concerning balance.

I would revert the mini jump she did in cr.MP + make cr. HK 1 or 2 frames faster + add more juggles to air target combo and drop kick when crush counters opponent in the air (the way it’s limits some combos with Nadeshiko) + make her v-skill definitely worthy.

Nadeshiko breaks out the chair in R. Mika’s V-Trigger 2… which is unactivated at full meter. Is this a new V-Skill?

Could be set to infinite or even just be a mock up.

Now that you mention it, that’s probably the case.

So I was like “screw mika, I’ma play a diff char” and I picked up Ed…

Mika is fine…

I think I would rather see some of the top tier stuff nerfed than see Mika buffed. I would say Mika has a good balance of her risks / rewards. The problem is that some characters lack this balance, being entirely too safe for endless pressure (and some are much worse.) I think some character’s offense is balanced assuming their opponent has a DP, and that is a horrible balance point. Some characters need their push back, ranges, and advantage frames tweaked, but not Mika. I would say she is one of the best balanced characters right now.

Ok guys, here the patch note for Mika:

Not final, but these are the changes at the moment.

Cr.MP Buff… hell yeah! Finally a viable AA for close jump-in.

MP pushback increase ON HIT… WHAT? Why? MPxxHP sometimes whiffs because of the pushback, and capcom add MORE pushback? Now the BnB will work only for deep close distance… why?

Divebomb at -9 onBlock from -6. Yeah, make sure every punishable move of this character is more easy to punish, just for sure.

DreamDiver nerf… Hard to judge until we doesn’t have the details.

Punch Command Grab damage buff. It’s part of universal change to throw damage but it will be fun landing a EX Rainbow Thypoon boosted with Mic Liv1 (276 damage? XD)

Overall, I think they nerf Mika, again. :frowning:
No buff for her neutral, no faster Vskill, sweep still meh.

What do you think?

looks like the pushbacks on buttons are very universal, looking at the leaked patch notes most of cast’s has one or two buttons that increases pushback on block and hit… only time will tell if this is a nerf or buff for mika…

I miss more solid info about the patch. Tons of players said her c.hk got improved, as well as s.hk (not dropped). Her air target combo in s2 was rarely used, they will buff it for sure. And her mic drops faster now. Pavocado said on twitter her vt2 will be tonned down since it’s pretty good as it’s in the current state (words from him).

We need to wait, Mika army. The scenario sounds upsetting, but I still think the cherry on the cake is unknown.

I think a bit more pushback will be a good thing. Hopefully they hit Laura’s s.mk lol

She doesn’t seem to be dead with vt2 guys (compilation below)

Yeah there’s a lot of hit box changes that aren’t listed as buff or nerf that we will have to see. c.MK is listed in the notes so that might have gotten better too. They already buffed it in Season 2 so it can counter hit into super so might be something else to it also.

Lady Mika is cancelable into special moves now so that means theoretically people will no longer be able to V Reversal Lady Mika without getting scooped which is a big buff. It gives her a heavy tick to grab that can’t just be pushed away anymore which not really any command grab character has a plus on block cancelable heavy like that. Most likely will be able to cancel into command grabs on reaction to V Reversal freeze.

She also got a buff to her V Skill apparently also.

Capcom also said the accidentally leaked notes are not final, so look forward to more stuff when the official list hits.

the c.MK is most likely a nerf to hurtbox as they are nerfing low profile moves in general… but lets hope the hitbox gets extended.

A general nerf to low-profile moves would help Mika’s charged s.hk be more useful.