/r/kappa would like to send a player to Evo this year

Don’t load us all into a big cannon and shoot us into the sun yet!

we want to send someone to Evo this year
were all going to vote on who to send, but before we do, we will ask each player if it’s okay with them. I mean we can’t send someone who isn’t cool with that idea.
How we plan on raising funds is by creating an /r/kappa tee shirt. We don’t have the design down yet either, as that is up for vote as well, but once voted on and printed we sell however many shirts we need to and with the money earned, use that to buy a plane ticket, entry to Evo and a room to stay in. (general idea you get it)

I’m not really in charge of any of this stuff, but I figure no one from there is going to reach out to anyone at all. If you guys don’t care that’s completely cool with me, this is SRK not reddit for one, but I’ve always talked to cool peeps on here, and some of you design great looking stuff so I figured it could be fun for us, hell, I’d entertain the idea of /r/kappa and SRK joint ops.

If its coold Id get one, but dont you have to sell a like A LOT to afford a complete evo trip?

We got dis nvm.

Send me from China?!?!?!?!?

I’d like to go to EVO this year!