R.I.P. Ralphie May

I don’t know how many of you guys even knew who he was, but this was one of my favorite comedians. Aside from specials, he was always a joy to listen to on podcasts. I saw him live a year ago and had the kind of laughter where everything hurts. This is the first death in a while where I heard of it and screamed “NO!” out loud. Fuck, man.

RIP, i really enjoyed his style

RIP Ralphie. Not only a funny dude, but a genuinely nice person. I’ll spark one in your memory. :sad:

RIP Ralphie.

Rip. Never was a big fan of his standup, but his podcasts were pretty fucking legit.

Damn man, everyone I watched and listened to growing up is starting to pass away. R.I.P Ralphie. Brought me plenty of laughs.

I saw Ralphie play at CMA fest a couple years back at the Ryman Auditorium (one of the best theatre sized venues in the country.) He was part of a full program of acts including musicians too, and was only supposed to do like 10-15 min, and keep it clean, but he thankfully wound up doing 45 min and was dirty! It was a really great show and he absolutely killed it (plus it was funny to watch older people giving each other looks as he did his full on dirty act in a venue that was a church once upon a time :lol: )

guess he wasn’t … the last comic standing

That’s a shame, but let’s be real. Dudes that obese don’t live that long.

Definitely one of those guys who could cross comedy barriers, started doing urban style Comedy, got huge (no pun intended) and basically was all over the place. He was indeed a great listen to on any podcast. For a dude his size to have landed a wife as hot as his, good job.
Regardless he will be missed. Hopefully Stanhope and Jeselnik show proper comic tradition and get some great material from this.
RIP Ralphie.