Quit SF4 now, or quit when SF5 is released?

Lately I’ve been debating with myself whether I should still play Scrub Fighter IV (probably not at this point, extremely rusty although I used to play REALLY competitively, anyways…) I was wondering what you guys thought about the transitioning process of going from SF4 to SF5.

Do you guys think it’s better to just let go of SF4 overall and play SF5 fresh when it comes out? For me personally I think yes, I believe that if people still play SF4 competitively spending lots of time and effort in trying to make it big in SF4 will really fuck with your transitional process over to SF5. Why? I believe if you’re constantly playing SF4 you will go into SF5 with “SF4 habits, SF4 reactions, SF4 timing, SF4 mode playstyles” and that can/will impair a person’s SF5 initiative process.

Since we all know SF5 is going to be really different from SF4, the human brain may face certain troubles adjusting to a complete new game right away.

Of course these are just my two cents but I thought it was interesting to discuss.
My opinion is it’s better to just let SF4 die out for those who are already bored of it and start SF5 with a fresh, fresh start. Of course if some people are already doing this then feel free to share your two cents

Probably best to quit now. Get rid of any habits and the SF4 feel. That way you’ll be a little more prepared for when it launches.

Play SF4 Omega mode, USF4, Alpha, and 3rd Strike. Never quit, only add.

Doesn’t really matter. I’m used to playing multiple games any ways. You’ll find something that works as the game starts to release.

This is what’s wrong with the current generation. Thinking they need to give up one game to play the other.

Go away old man.

This is the future and your 6bit honky dookey shit fighters no longer apply.

One game to be shit at, or bust.

Maybe he wants to focus on one game, some people like playing multiple competitive games, some like to play just one.

There really isn’t a better or worst way of doing things in this situation, it’s simply personal preference. I stopped playing SF4 after they announced USF4. but in ur situation I wouldn’t stop playing SF4 if I was still having fun with it just cause SF5 is on the horizon

We’re too far away for that mentality. If you’re not having fun, sure, but if you’re still enjoying SF4 there’s no reason to quit. You’ll likely have to re-learn a lot in SFV anyway. That said, I do this periodically to other games where I’ll just stop for a week to a month just to let go of old habbits i’ve found myself glued to. It helps a lot, if you need a breather, those aren’t bad. If you’re just looking to keep the mental game fresh I’d just take breaks here and there and about 1 month before release of SFV take your evaluation then and stop if you think it’ll work for you. To short and its not like you’ve put anything down, to long and you lose what your looking for.

Keep playing it if you are having fun.
It doesn’t matter if you play it til SFV release or stop from now on, because we all have to relearn it anyway.

SFV is a new game and a fresh start.

Doesn’t matter. Online USF4 on the PS4 (if you’re playing on PS4) is garbage for the most part anyways, so just have as much fun with it as you can and don’t take it seriously. For the first day or so some habits might cross over but you’ll stop that pretty quickly once you are used to playing a fresh game, especially if you pick up one of the new or heavily redesigned characters.

Why would you want to play a game you’re evidently not having fun with?

If you have to ask, then no, don’t play sf4 anymore since you don’t seem to like playing it much.

No one that likes playing a game will ask people whether they should keep playing i.

I stopped playing SF4 after EVO. That EVO grind rubbed me the wrong way for that game. I never had fun playing it, but then grinding out was even worse. I’m glad it’s on the way out, now I can play games I like.

Basically, what other people already wrote. If you don’t have fun, quit. If you’re actually having fun then keep playing.

Well if you are enjoying it then doesn’t matter, you can play it all the way till release

Granted, if you dislike it or are tired of it then quit it and play some older SF games to satisfy Your SF crack

Someone always gotta make a point about current generation. Fuck outta here, people did the same thing back then too, the internet just highlights some of those people much easier.

Regarding the OP, depending on how difficult you find it to adjust I wouldn’t even bother “Quitting” I still play but haven’t hit training for months, I can remove all of my SF4 habits on demand so it isn’t much of an issue so I don’t have to drop the game or anything, but do you think it will hurt your SF5 learning curve? If the answer is yes then sure go ahead and stop playing. Even so, I don’t think it will impact your SF5 game at all, everybody adjusts eventually dude.

I quit SF4 a long time ago. :sweat_smile:

I was playing SF4 up until i have started playing the Beta of SF5. Now, I just cant go back. I have tried but SF4 just feels really off now.

It felt really really slow and that is because of the hard knockdowns. When i got thrown or something it felt like it took ages for me to get up.
Just the fact that SF5 doesn’t have them, ruined SF4 forever for me.

Honestly for me SFIV has bored me to tears; I give up on it.

I’d rather quit and move onto SF5 when it comes out. I was at my best probably during 2011, 2012, and early 2015. Aside from that SF4 is extremely boring now and drives me nuts just even watching people play it.

The reason I asked for your opinions was because I wanted to make sure if I was going to miss out on much if I finally just let the game go and move on. IT appears quite the contrary and I wouldn’t be missing out on much, the game is really at this point just a temporary distraction until the new thing comes out.

If it bores you to tears, definitely quit. Why even bother asking? Haha. Dayum!