Quick Vista Question

So my buddy has a new laptop, and he has lots of music that he can’t play.

He uses his default WMP and the files are Windows Audio Files. His music was legit too; he just transferred it from his hard drive from his old laptop.

I personally know little about codecs and plug-ins and even less about Windows Vista. Does anyone know what we should do?

.wma audio files should play fine. when you say “legit” do you mean he ripped them personally from cd’s or that he purchased them online? if iyou maen the latter then he might be fucked depending on the specifics of the DRM used to encrypt the files when he bought them.

I’m not sure if he downloaded them online or not… He may have put all of his cds on his computer once… I will ask him… I was afraid that the encryption was going to prevent him from listening to them…

It probably will(the encryption) since WMP’s default settings also add drm to your music and only allow themselves to to be played by the person who ripped them. Best thing to do now would be to use the old computer to make audio CD’s and re-rip them on the new machine making sure that encryption is turned off.

Ahhh… He doesn’t have access to his old comp :frowning:

Stupid vista!!! Windows is abandoning their generation of pirates and hackers!!! I guess that was the point. O___O

There are ways to circumvent the DRM, just google them