Quick TE Question

I am really considering picking up a SFIV TE. I was wondering what would be the best option for the best price? Amazon? I don’t care if its just a regular TE. Also are the default parts in TEs Sanwa?

Amazon is probably your best bet.

Yes, it’s all Sanwa out of the box.


Newegg has it for $99 !

So does Amazon haha, but its good to know I have an alternative just in case one stops being on sale before I purchase.

Actually I have another question, what are the difference between the TE and the TE Round 2?

Actually it looks like Neweggs sale is PS3 only, and Amazons is 360 only.

i believe the only difference is the art and black vs white edging, guts i thought were the same.

So a regular TE for 100 is a better deal than a Round two for 129.99 with free shipping? Also this is for 360. I don’t care about the art or the edging, I’ll eventually replace the art anyways and edging color isnt work 30 bucks to me haha, but if Amazons sale stops I’ll grab up that Round 2

Yeah, round one for $100 is better if you just want a good stick and dont give a shit about art or side color.

While everyone here is on the subject of the TE; does anyone know if there’s room on the back of the TE to drill a hole for a neutrik jack?

yes. many people have done it already.

what do you mean? i see alot of examples with people drilling out away from the front (in the usb cable storage compartment).

check it out - http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=184787&p=7354050#post7354050

Awesome, that’s an excellent link. I am thinking about doing a MC Cthulhu mod instead of the Chimp so I can use the stick on the PS2/PS1/Gamecube.

My plan is: Throw a neutrik jack on the outside and make RJ-45 to USB, PS2, and Gamecube cords for it. Put a DPDT switch inside the cord storage area. Install the MC Cthulhu as usual and wire it to the RJ45.

I just got the shipping notification in the last 10 minutes and thee actual stick is coming tomorrow so I’ll be able to see exactly what I have room for and how to lay it out soon. Hopefully this will all go without incident. This will be my first mod (and really, my first arcade stick). Fortunately, it’s not my first time messing around with electronics.