Quick questions about a joystick

I was going to order this joystick as a replacement for the SE one. I’ve looked around a bit, but I don’t know if that’s all I will need. I looked at the how to mod an SE fightstick, but it appears that the spot that you connect the joystick wire to is absent in the screenshot in the link. Does anybody know if this joystick is all I will need? Or will I need to buy some other little part?

The place where the wire connects in the SE is a convenience - a good one at that. Instead of connecting 2 wires to 4 switches (see the little metal tabs? How each switch has 3? You need to wire two of those) you just plug one in.

So the connector isn’t “doing” anything actively. That said, it’d probably be stupid to hack up the connector, strip the wires and put quick disconnects on them… but you could do it.

Also… answering a question you didn’t ask, but should:

“Will this fit my SE”.

Not as well as this one will:

Offhand I don’t think the JLW mounting plate is quite what you’re looking for. I’d get the JLF-TP-8YT-SK listed directly above it, it’s $5 more but has the correct mounting plate and you just unplug the 5-pin harness from the old stick and plug it into the new one, minimal effort needed.

Okay, so what you’re saying is the stick you posted is just seamlessly interchangeable with the stock SE stick? And as far as mounting plates, the one you posted also has the pre-installed one, correct? So I would basically just have to unscrew the stock stick, and replace it with this one?

Oh wow, it’s the one that says “DROP IN REPLACEMENT FOR SE STICK” isn’t it? I’m an idiot, lol

Yes. It’s the one with the giant red font that says:**


And plug in the connector.

Alright thanks a lot, I appreciate it. Saved me a lot of time on reasearch lol