quick question

so im thinking of getting the te fightstick and want to put art on it but i want to just use a pre made template image that i found in a thread that already have the cut out holes. so do i just put it on a usb and go to kinkos? or what im really new any info would help thank you.

Yes, you can put on a USB drive and bring.
But you are supposed to turn off the holes.
Those holes are not a guide for you to cut out.

wait so its not suppose to have the holes? how will i know what cut out and do i what size do i tell them to print it at?

You use the Metal Plate as guide to cut.

You just tell them to print the image at 100% (No Scale) of 300 DPI.

o okay anything else i should know?

Not much else. A steady hand and a good (sharp) exacto knife will help. What I did was cut off the top two corners off, then stick it aligned in place, with the excess, and then cut off the rest. This helps you from cutting off too much when you handle the angle, but by cutting out the first two corners, you’ll know you’re aligned, as you like. While only the template will be printed, by sticking it on with the excess, you’ll have the metal panel there to help you cut it cleanly. It’s 10 times easier to cut with the plate than by freehand. Once you’ve stuck it on, cut out joystick and pushbutton holes.

do i need to buy the plastic cover over it?

Like a laminated cover? Or do you mean a hard plastic cover? Hard plastic? No. The SE has that angle on it, which has prevented any sort of plexiglass cover. But some laminate will help protect your art.

There does not exist any Acrylic Panels for the Mad Catz Arcade FightStick.
Only the Mad Catz Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition have Custom Acrylic Panels.

o sorry i meant the tournament edition one do i need the hard plastic cover if i put some other art on it?

tournament edition ? i’ve no idea for that

You can get a plexiglass cover with your artwork, and all the printing will be done for you if you order from Tek-Innovations. http://www.tek-innovations.com/arthobbies/?loc=products&cat=1

Go with what Nerrage linked.

alright thanks. so basically what i need to put the art on is the art itself and cover correct? and just making sure for the art when i print it at kinkos just image 100% no scale 300 pdi and it doesnt matter if it has holes already?

Holes should be turned off.
You will having problems lining up if they are shown.

how do i turn off the holes? i didnt make the image just saw it in the a thread. and this is for the TE version correct?

I don’t know what you saw.
I don’t know what you downloaded.

If it is .psd, then you can turn off the holes.
If it is a .jpg or whatever static image, with holes, then I would not take it.


You cannot use that.
Because that is not even the full size.

Even if it was full size, those holes are not cool.
They are not at correct size.

Art made using Template of arthong are correct.
The one you linked was not made using Template of arthong.

alright well i guess ill just go use gimp and make one then.