Quick Question from a stick noob

Well, my friend’s sister’s boyfriend :looney: makes, sells, customizes etc. Arcade Sticks. I was wondering, do you think these are good? http://stick2go.moonfruit.com/#/home/4534805917 also would it be better if I went for an 8 button or is 6 fine? I can also get the modding and customized art for nearly nothing. This would be my first stick, and I will be entering a tournament in 2 weeks (probably won’t be used to it by then, if not I’ll just go with a pad and use it in next months tournament).

They don’t look bad, but if you’re just looking for a first stick, any of the Madcatz TEs would work just as well and probably be cheaper unless you could negotiate some kind of deal with the guy.

Not sure how good the parts are. £2.50 for a “custom color” stick makes me feel like it’s not the high quality Sanwa parts you’ll get out of a TE. But maybe he means for a stick balltop. The TE will give you the good run on parts you want. Typically, a custom isn’t the first stick you wanna go for, but it’s really up to you. Just try to get one soon! If you’re not used to a stick, it could take 2 weeks just to get into the swing of it.

Oops, fail. I was given the wrong link on the my phone, I edited the original post lol. It was the wrong site, but had the same name and also sold sticks.

£90 isn’t bad for a custom PS3 stick, £100 for 360 is a bit much, and £10 more for custom artwork, which you gotta have to rock a sweet custom :rock:. And it comes with Sanwa parts, which is a plus, but I feel like there aren’t enough options. Needs more Seimitsu, for my taste, anyways. Playwise, it’ll still be the same as a madcatz TE, but I’m always for a 6-button loadout, which you can’t really get with the TE (without button covers, anyways). The call is yours. The TE is gonna be a better deal, and is always a quality stick to play with, but, if you wanna get a custom for your first, they never disappoint.

Ah so I should just get a TE then? >.< I wanna get it dual modded too (I’m a PS3 user, but tournies etc are always on 360).

You mean the tournies in your town right? I know quite a few of the major tournies use PS3, EVO comes to mind here.

Yeah the ones in my town. 6/6 recent ones have all been on 360.

Honestly, if his pads are common ground, it looks like it’s be easier to dual mod his 360 stick than a Madcatz TE. Considering how he uses barrier strips and all. Maybe talk to him and ask what kind of pads he’s using, if they’re common ground, and if he’ll put barrier strips in the stick. Then get a ChImp, and it’ll probably be an easier dual mod than the TE. Just weigh how much you want to pay to make your mods easier, and between how able you feel you are for the mods. But if he doesn’t use a common ground PCB (which would be kind of crazy, but is possible), then you shoud probably look to the madcatz TE for a dual mod. You’d prolly wanna dual mod the custom if you got it, anyways. I kinda think that a single system custom is always bland because there’s the chance you may not use it. Even though I mainly play PS3, I still bought a 360 controller to dual mod it. Haha. Always ready ;D

Dude is on holiday and isn’t back until tomorrow, so I won’t get it in time for the tournament on Sunday anyway. I’m not buying a pad to use on the 360, so I’ll just give this one a pass.

Bump. Just looking for a few more opinions. >.< and are 6 buttons okay? Or is 8 best to go for to keep your “options”?

Here comes the long line of quoting jdm714 because of Kyle’s signature…
6-button is cooler.
8-button is dick.

If you want to keep all of your buttons for menu navigation, A lot of people like to put the last 2 buttons on the side. 6-button is the choice of Tech Talk. 8 button just messes most people up.

Haha, so it just gets in the way then? I noticed in some EVO matches people were disabling them before the match. I’m still iffy about getting the stick cause there isn’t much going on in my area for SF, and Tekken is “bleh”.

BlazBlue:Continuum Shift releases tomorrow :3

I never really got into that, looking at it now on YouTube lol.

Garsp. I chose to get it before StarCraft II. Lol.

LOL! I think before SFIV came out last year, my PS3 was just used for gathering dust and people stacking things on top of it.

Yes. I was sad when I realized they released on the same day. But then not so sad when I realized I’ve never put as much effort into a mouse and keyboard as I did for my stick. Heh.

Haha, ouch. I think SSFIV is the only game I play now, played CoD today just to show it’s a crappy game and not hard to top it. (53-6 in 1 game lol) But yeah, that’s all I do now. I was gonna get HDR but I’ve been told it’s not worth it and it’s dying. :S Tekken is Tekken :/. MK vs DC isn’t even pad worthy.