Quick question about the necessity to mod GC controllers

I looked around a bit and haven’t really been able to understand why this is needed. I haven’t played on a GC controller yet, but I will be tonight and would like to know what problems occur with playing on an un-modded one. Also, if there is anyway to change this without modding the controller i.e. different button config, that would also be helpful.

its not a necessity, but its really helpful, because it turns the Triggers into actual buttons.

In melee, to shield you need only apply some pressure, and could alter how you shielded (light pressure gave you a really big clear shield, while pressing it all the way gave you a shield similar to that of Brawl)

But in Brawl, the Shield only appears after one has “clicked” the trigger (since shielding is digital, instead of analog), thus making the pressure one must exert because of the presence of the spring entirely unnecessary. Where as modding the R and L triggers were banned in melee, because it made people have an easier time l-cancelling, in Brawl it allows one to Shield or Dodge with more precision, which is something i believe is a great benefit that one shouldnt go without.

Its not entirely complicated to remove the springs, and im sure some people will be more then happy to help you with it, but from the looks of things, certain rules are banning them just because it is what they are used to doing.

I am pro-allowing despringed GC controllers.

I really think GC controller modding rules for EVO is something that needs to be decided on ASAP so people can know if its ok to practice on modded controllers, or if they should start getting used to unmodded once again.

Also, the various wiimote control schemes, even if you don’t use them, you should post your opinions on the controllers in the Evo rulesets… All that talk about items/rules should be secondary AFTER you know how you can even PLAY the tourney.

I encourage you guys to post your thoughts on the EVO rules thread regarding controller opinions… they are all way too focused on item setups

Raph has it pretty much nailed. Here’s what I posted in the Evo rule discussion thread on the matter: