Quick question about Sanwa and Seimitsu buttons

Hey SRK, I need some help on building my first stick. I have finished the case, and I need to drill in the holes for the buttons. I followed this tutorial and the person who wrote it uses Seimitsu PS-14-GN buttons. I don’t want to use those so instead I want to use Sanwa. Will these Sanwa buttons fit instead of the Seimitsu on the case (any need to change the holes the tutorial says to do) ? They’re both 30mm but the Sanwa is a pushbutton and I believe the Seimitsu is screw in. Any difference? Thanks.

Why dont you just use Sanwa screw ins? They’re just OBSN-30’s instead of OBSF-30’s. Snap ins wont work unless they have a small surface to grip on to, hence most wood cases being built for screw ins. Unless you want to add more work in making it so the snap ins grip to the plexi, just buy screw ins. They should fit fine in that case.

Oh and just to clear it up, they’re both Pushbuttons. Just one is snap and one is screw.

Oh ok, thanks. So I should just buy these and I’m good to go? No need to change any holes or anything?

Correct, go with that type of button for your wood case. The Snap In and Screw In Sanwa’s both perform the same, so why not go for the easier option.

As far as I know they should fit fine if your following those instructions from slagcoin. Im not sure if there is any difference in the width of the mounting nut used on the Seimitsu screw ins, but plenty people build wooden cases which can use either types so I assume you would be fine.

Good luck with it, look forward to seeing some pictures.

If you button layout is really tight/close together, the nuts securing the sanwa screw-ins might interfere with eachother. IIRC, the sanwa nuts are bigger than the seimitsu ones. If this is the case, use the seimitsu nuts to secure your sanwa buttons!

Good luck

The layout Im using is this one. I don’t think the buttons are too close together. Would it be fine to use the Sanwa nuts for this layout?

You need 35-36mm between each buttons’ centers. The layout that you posted, it shows that the 2 bottom right ones are 31mm from each others’ centers.

Snap ins will work fine if you have a plexi top and route the bottom correctly. I’ve always used snap in buttons on all of my own custom sticks. Never had any issues.

Im using the exact same layout and i love it. The only thing i changed is the joystick position


Yes, I have a plexi top. I don’t really know what to use, snap ins or the screw ins. I’m really lost on the routing. The tutorial doesn’t go into detail about that. I don’t know how deep I have to cut it for 33mm. He uses 30mm and 33mm drill holes right? The 30mm that goes all the way down, and the 33mm that goes about half way. Is this correct? And how would using a snap in button change this?