Quick question about Japanese 3S history

My friend asked me a question that I can’t really give him a good answer for:

“out of all the really really famous 3s players, like RX, Nitto, MOV, Vanao etc, how many of these players we consider as legendary players are new school and did not start playing 3s since its release in '99?”

My guess is that the majority have been playing since the early days but perhaps I’m wrong. To those 3S heads who have been in to the game since the early days and been following online videos for a lot longer than me, what’s your view?

I can’t directly answer either; I’m kinda new school myself still, in some ways. I think recalling the mini interviews from King of Wolves might help some. Most of the interviews are posted in the last couple pages. One or two are in the OP.


You might also try searching through YouTube for the oldest match videos you can find and see who shows up. If the answer matters that much, that is.

Wow yeah I remember reading some of those interviews. Cool stuff. I especially like Pino’s reason for liking Necro.

I haven’t read the interviews… Show me :slight_smile: I can’t find.

First page, then http://shoryuken.com/f160/k-o-w-king-wolves-214408/index5.html and also the last page. i dont think there are any others in there but there may be.

Those interviews were an inspirational and funny read, recommended for anybody that hasn’t read them yet.

woah RX played since it came out! I was the friend in question in the OP btw :slight_smile:

He was an Alex player in 2I, pretty sure he said so in that interview with the Brazilian players when he paid them a visit a little while back.

Has there ever been an interview like that with Kuroda? I’ve always wondered how long he’s been playing 3S.

He’s a reclusive fellow that pops out from time to time. They consider him an urban legend in Japan(I’m not joking).

Not to scratch old wounds, but I remember Harmonaz with a story about how he wanted to interview Kuroda, and he just got blown off. This was back then though, and he’s even done color commentary lately, so who knows how he is nowadays…

That is awesome.