Quick question about extended QCB+K

I’ve done QCB,UB/U/UF+K, but there was one thing that a K-groover once did to me that I just can’t seem to do.

He did what I thought was just QCB,UF+LK as Dan did the LK knee, but he sailed forwards with super jump shadows. When I try doing QCB,UF+LK, Dan just does this hilariously tiny tiger knee (not quite as hilariously tiny as QCB,U+LK) which has its own uses, but is definitely not the same as that thing which he did. He didn’t have a running start or anything to do that… he’d just be standing one moment, and then the next moment it comes out.

How is this done?

Super jump, immediately Do it.


d, u, qcb+k