Quick guide for E.Honda

Hi all, since there isn’t any thread here, i’ll post one.
i’m gold 5000PP, so clearly not the best though.

*Vskill and vtrigger
i really do not see the point of V-skill 1, even against fireball characters. Even against Guile, Ryu, Sagat, Gill, i prefer being able to cancel 6HK into slaps with v-skill 2

i also prefer v-trigger 2, HP+HK is a running + armor + throw a la Zangief, it can help greatly and steal games even against good players.
(6HK -> V-Trigger -> LP slaps -> HP+HK)

*Slaps and piano input
For arcade stick, 1st of all, technically, you must learn piano input.
ring finger for HP, middle finger for MP and index for LP, you can do
HP->MP->LP quickly and quite naturally (you’ll get faster with practice)

for Honda’s slaps, you must quickly input 4 punches, the last punch will determine which slap
LP 3 hits +2 on block
MP 5 hits +1 on block
HP 8hits -2 on block
2 punches for ex x hits -2 on block, +4 on hit, can link LK then can be canceled into doskoi.

For pressing purpose, i don’t see the point of the MP slaps, unless to do some chip damage with really having the advantage.

So what you will usually use is
on block, 2LP->LP slaps == 2LP piano (HP MP LP) +2 on block
on guaranted hit (punish), HP->HP slaps == piano (HP MP LP) HP +2 on hit

2LP piano (HP MP LP)
2LK 2LP piano (HP MP LP)
v-skill 2 -> 6HK piano (HP MP LP) HP / LP
on stun v-skill 2 -> neutral jump HK [charge back] piano (HP MP LP) HP -> back LK -> MP doskoi

dragon punish : 6HP -> walk forward -> back HK -> back LP -> back MP -> HP doskoi (like trials without EX)

*anti air
HP doskoi with charge, HP without is as good but less damage, do not be afraid to loose charge

*Jump note
neutral jump, HP, you can go forward of backward in the air, you can bait dragon, or really attack, really useful to go other fireballs and moving forward

forward jump HP reach is a lot greater than forward jump HK, but trickier, you must input HP just before landing.

*Gameplan basics
-play patiently, do not press too much buttons, be always ready to anti air with doskoi or HP
-if frame disadvantage, do not mash, just block / walk backward / tech throw / backdash
(for example, your 6HK is blocked, do nothing more, wait to anti air or other)
-assume opponent will always mash or neutral jump or teck throw on wake up or when you are at +2
(true for players with 6000PP sadly, i cannot say above, although i met an Ibuki 11000PP who also mashed)
-punish people who abuses far reaching moves with HP (Falke, Birdy, Zangief. Chunli HP is harder to punish :/). Go to training move to be just further their far range move, and press HP to whiff punish
-MP is a good poke when it’s your turn but the opponent is too far for LP/2LP
-2MP is also good, but with slightly less range.
use MP or 2MP according to the distance, far distance, you do not risk a 2HK knockdown, so standing MP, otherwise 2MP

*Pressing tactics
goal is to do a LP slaps on block to get that +2 frame advantage while charging back, -> st LP -> LP doskoi (-4 on block, you loose your turn, so now, block :slight_smile: )
But since we assume that most people are disrespectful, most will eat the st.LP -> LP doskoi

note: +2 on block, LP and 2LP are 5 frames moves, they will beat 4 frames. It also beats chunli 3 frame 2LK
to beat characters with 3 frames move (seth 2LP), just walk backward “a very small bit” then LP, 3 frames moves have really bad range, when your LPs have a greater range.

When opponent is down after a doskoi, you always dash forward then meaty HP -> LP slaps
(on MP and HP doskoi, you’ve got okizeme, but on LP doskoi, if they do not roll backward, you can meaty HP)
HP is 6 active frame, so really easy to meaty with.

Always Meaty HP, always. People always mash. If they do an invincible move, well, you will get only a few damage, and it’s better than eating a super. Plus, you always meaty HP-> LP slaps -> LP -> LP doskoi.

When you feel the opponent begins to turtle / try to flee because of stun, forward dash EX oisho throw, or forward dash 2LK 2LP -> LP slaps

Sidenote : most of Ryu players are turtles that go forward and backward and do nothing, waiting for you to make a mistake. Poke with MP or Vskill 2 -> 6 HK -> LP slaps +2 on block etc…

Honda forward dash is really fast and can surprise people

-if you can jump on opponent, even on block: jump HK -> HP -> LP slaps
-if it’s your turn to play (last opponent move gives you frame advantage: 2LP -> LP slaps

if you have the possibility to jump with a crossup 2MK, MP->3HK is a good frametrap
you can also
MP->3HK-> cancel piano -> LP slaps
on crossup MP -> 3HK -> MP oisho throw
otherwise MP -> 3HK -> LP oisho throw

*your wake up
it’s quite hard to effectively EX doskoi on wakeup, and this move will loose against well timed meaty and throws anyway
Ex sumo smash is +5 on block and throw invincible. Only use if you are really really sure you’ll get command grabed. Meaning, very rarely
most of the time, block and try to delay tech throw.
Be ready for the usual neutral jump on your wake up. if you charge, just HP doskoi them.

*getting out of corner
you got the sumo smash HP or EX, when opponent is taking their distances, do that. Help them to take their distance with st.MP when it’s your turn. Do not, never, jump.

*When your opponent is trained to block at least (which doesn’t happen often even at 5000PP remember), you can now begin your dash 2LK 2LP -> LP slaps, or oisho throw pressing. But always assume opponent will mash :slight_smile:

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It would be great if next patch they added QCF+P as an accessible way to do his hundred hand slap! I remember earlier in SFV they said they would do this with all the “press button rapidly” moves, but they stopped doing it. It’s a shame, but it would be amazing if they added it as QCF+P again