Quick Disconnect Question about AWG and size

So i guess by these picture 145284909-3962068703842457-6751021324515463679-n — ImgBB. My cables are 26 AWG. Does that mean i gotta find a QD that’s 26AWG and if i get a lower AWG it will not work? Also what’s the .110 typical size that sanwa buttons use means? Is the .110 how wide the entry is? Is on mm?

The 0.110 quick disconnect works with a metal spade that is 0.110" (~2.8mm) wide. There are different sizes like 0.187" or 1/4" (some American parts).

If you are looking for replacement terminals then select one where the wire crimp end supports your gauge wire or larger (lower AWG number). Most connectors have a range, for example: AWG24 through AWG28. Your existing AWG26 wire would work well within those specifications.

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