Quick cvs2 question

is there any difference between ps2 and dc cvs2?

i usually play on dc, but since evo cvs2 is on ps2, im wondering if i should break out the ps2 =0

i actually did the same switch. i played the DC version extensively and now only play the ps2 version because that’s what tournaments run. i only noticed cosmetic differences such as the hit animations looking a little different. for example, bison painting the fence on DC looks different than it does on the ps2. very minor stuff like that.

but unless it’s the same stick, i’d say the sooner you can make the switch, the better. i remember i could get reversal RC moves with a really high consistency on the DC, but it took me a little bit of time to get them with the same consistency on the ps2. i also switched from my DC agetec stick to a ps2 tekken hori stick, and it was essentially the same japanese type stick, but it took a little bit of time to develop the same comfort level with it.



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ic. i have two sticks, one for dc and one for ps2, and they both have compleatley different feels to them. so, i guess ill play cvs2 on ps2 from now on, or for as long as i take cvs2 seriously. =]


the difference between the DC and the PS2 is supposedly the DC one is 1 1/2 frames slower then the PS2 one.

where did you get that info? and what exactly do you mean by 1 1/2 frames slower? is that per second? does that mean DC only has 58 1/2 frames per second? or does that mean ps2 has 61 1/2 frames per second?

i believe the 1 1/2 frame slower on the DC thing…i recently played on the DC to practice abit (on an agetec stick), then swapped over to the PS2 a day later and all the timing was off (on an hrap). Everything I did on the PS2 was slow…

i’ve also read somewhere that it’s easier to RC since you’re given 5 frames instead of 3 to cancel something…though i have no clue how true that is. Maybe Buk or someone creditable can chime in to clear things up.

i think the game speeds are off by a little between the different platforms

arcade < dc < ps2

besides some hit sparks and stuff, dc and ps2 seem the same to me

don’t go nuts over it, its just numbers, what it means is that in the dc version you execute everything a “TINY” bit slower then on the PS2, some people don’t notice the difference and some people do. just play the ps2 version for a bit then switch to the dc version and everything seems a bit slower for some reason.

The neverending discussion, part 215647891! =)
As for me, I find harder to RC on PS2 than on DC, I play on DC. And i find control more rigid on ps2… But it just take a few minutes to be accustomed to ps2 version, don’t worry^^
It’s just in your head! :smiley:

same shit, except for super sparks are crazier on ps2.

ok so did you make up those numbers or not?

im curious as to what the frames are because i swear that the ps2 version is faster than dc, i just wanted to know whether it was true or not.

its true ps2 version is faster then the dc version “SLIGHTLY”

…yep, those numbers are made up. bad way to try to make a point…

i’ll remember to put “(sarcasim)” next to it next time. i don’t exactly know the numbers so my fault for making up random numbers but i first noticed a small speed difference in bison walking in dc version to the ps2 version.

It’s impossible for a game to run the exact same speed on different platforms.
We notice CvS2 is slightly faster or whatever on ps2 because we play the game to the frame. You can’t expect a platform that has completely different components to run a game the exact same way (and we’re picky to 1/60th of a second) - to me that’s impossible.
All the different components will add up to an overall difference that you might be able to notice. This is why different cabinets will play the game differently (I’ve always noticed a more clearer, slower animation on the big cabinets for this game). Power is a big factor; but even the cd-rom drive can have a slight effect.

i doubt the cd-rom drive would have an effect, as I would think that the game data (sprites for example) are loaded onto ram before the match starts, preventing read lag from happening.

but that’s beside the point. You make a good point about the hardware though. Can’t expect every internal clock of different hardware platforms to run at the same speed.

If it was faster as a developer couldn’t you throttle such things?

probably not. the hardware tells you the time…the game most likely runs off the system clock/timer. if the system clock between the two systems run at speeds that are off by a millisecond (1/100), that’s more than half a frame off (1/60).