Quick avatar request?

Can someone make me a new avatar of Elena useing this pic? I just want it to be a close up of Elena with clouds in the background. Thanks!


Here you go… i added a new picture of her also if your going to use it let me know k…

Here’s another one…

I like the second one more, but when I try to set it as my avatar it says that it is too big. Am I doing something wrong?

red queen you gotta fix the size,it has to be 160x64.

Here it works now i had to take out the text because it wasn’t sowing up correctly… it looked like a big smudge on the picture…

Thanks Red Queen!

Welcome… glad you like it :smiley: …one more thing could please give me credit in your sig for makeing it i’m trying to get people to know my work so i can make more avatars…

Im just a bit curious why you left the yellow in… it really throws off the entire pic.

Well my Photo program really sucks so i can’t take the yellow out without messing up the rest of her face… i’ll be geting a new Photo program soon so that i can get better at this stuff cuz the one have know is just so bad.:bluu:

Some ppl use PSP but i would suggest PS6 or 7

multiple layers = goodness


red queen that is just nasty.

Yea i didn’t like the way it turned out either.:bluu:

your av work really needs work, iam not trying to diss you but you should download a trial and look at some tutorials

btw, i <3 that aaliyah av though :slight_smile:

:sweat: Yea i’m not that good at makeing avs yet but i’ll keep trying i guss and i’ll be really happy when i get a new photo program… btw thanks for complimenting my Aaliyah av i’m really proud of it…

Red Queen what program are you useing to make your av’s?

A old version of Adobe…

ohh ok i useed to use microsoft picture it 2002 to make my av’s back then:lol:

but trust me when u get PS7 u dont wanna go back with what u r with:cool:

I hope your right…