Questions with kara srk do you do it
2.if you did how do you know it worked much range does it give minor/a lot
4.whats the use

1.jab srk > jab srk where you do a cr. roundhouse just before youre about to press the jab button after the executed wgf.

  1. ken does 2 srks as a combo midscreen from a standing position against opp.

  2. just enough for the 2nd srk to hit and combo.

  3. mad damage

roundhouse kara or forward kara?
i was using forward…
is roundhouse better? :rolleyes:

you can do it with both, roundhouse is just easier.

at full range after a > jab srk > kara srk cr. forward misses more often for me. therefor i use roundhouse. considering how the buttons are laid out i’d say its easier for ones fingers to use forward.

i still can’t do it
is there a easier way?
is it even easy?

practice makes perfect, its not easy :tup:

just do DP motion + mk/hk + lp. just press the kick button a lil early than jab.

i have to try using roundhouse. :slight_smile:

can this also be done with ryu or is it just limited to ken

technically speaking, you can do kara Shoryuken with all the Shotos, since their c. forwards and c. roundhouses are identical ('cept for speed), but Ken is the only Shoto with a Shoryuken fast enough to be able to double up.


kara-ing the srk seems to slow down the start up of the srk. is it just me or am i doing it wrong. oh and i can’t get the second srk to hit. i see the range it gives but its just too slow

Then you’re doing it late, just keep working on it.

doing it too late means you are on the right way. it have to look as if it’ll come out late when it in fact doesn’t and it will combo.

if you have icq, add me and i’ll send you a short movie on how to do it. sometimes it helps more to see with ones own eyes then just to read stuff.

This kara shit is killing me. I’ve tried time after time and it doesn’t come out. I can combo a c. mk into srk on a grounded opponent but I can’t srk kara-srk.

  1. Does the c. mk/c. hk supposed to connect?
  2. Is this the motion, f,df,d,df s.lp

you cannot escape your death

You just see like a single frame of the c. hk come out then it srk’s just incorporate the sweep into the srk motion.

Cr. Forward and Cr. Roundhouse have the EXACT same 1st frame.

I can’t combo the kara srk. I can whiff and notice i kara’d correctly, but I can’t combo it after an lp srk. Any unusual time constraints I should know about?

I usually help other people out with their execution, so this is pretty akward for me.

Any tips?


Do you play tekken? Think of the kara-srk like a EWGF but you press roundhouse before jab. Thing with the kara-srk is that you actually have to wait for a while before doing it. Like when you do the third ewgf with heihachi. Try doing it late and see the results you get.

Grahf…I love you.

Timeing is almost exactly the same as 3rd ewgf with Hei. It seemed like everyone was doing the kara right when they landed from first srk. Thanks for giving a great example, it was all I needed.

Yeah that’s the thing that confuses ppl the most i think. Ppl just tend do try and do it immediatly while in fact the hit rate for it will go up with like 1000% if one just waits a bit before the kara-srk.

Anyways, cool that you got it down.