Questions regarding Iinstalling a PS360+ in a qanba

So I recently went to NorCal Regional and bought a White Qanba Q2 Pro LED stick from the ArcadeShock booth. The guy at the booth had told me that it was a PS3/PC stick. When I got home, I looked at the box and it said Xbox360, PS3, and PC. Though the face says the playstation button icons, they’re in 360 color. So it made me think it was dual modded. I plugged it into my 360 and it didn’t work. I opened up the stick and looked at the PCB and it shows Xbox markings along with ps3. This made me question it even more. In the end I Contacted arcadeshock and sad to say it’d not dual modded. So I’ve decided to pick up a PS360+.

On to the questions.
How easy would it be to install the PS360+?
Will it effect the LED feature on my stick?
If not, how would I install it so as to not lose this feature?

I’m pretty new when it comes to things like changing PCBs and soldering.

Shouldn’t be that difficult. You can make it easier buying new wires with quick-disconnects

Yes. Won’t work out-of-the-mod

I’m not sure if ps360+ has LED capability… still, the LEDs have their own circuit so having this feature doesn’t sound so easy

You might still be able to use those LEDs with something like the FGWidget, but I’m not entirely sure which LEDs come in the Q2, so don’t hold me to that.

if there anything like the injustice stick, there mono color SMD LEDs.