Questions on HRAP pro EX

Hi, with Best Buy’s recent failure to know how many TE sticks they had, I’ve been considering getting a HRAP pro EX. Now I have two questions, sorry if they’ve been asked I tried searching and couldn’t find answers. I know that the stick for the arcade stick is a sanwa and the buttons are hori. I hear many people wanting to switch out for sanwa parts, I’ve never played with sanwa parts before as I’ve usually just used charity sticks. How good are the buttons, and do they make a big difference? Also I think that the HRAP pro EX looks ugly as sin, how easy is it to add a new cover to it, and what materials would you use?

When it comes to the buttons, the Hori buttons aren’t nearly as sensitive as the Sanwas. That being said, the Hori buttons aren’t bad. If you had never played with Sanwa buttons, you’d probably like them just fine.

In terms of art work, I haven’t done any myself, but I’ve heard people use lami-label at Kinko’s.

update, I just opened up a stick I’ve been playing with for a bit that I got from my brother’s friend. It’s a stick with a Happ bat top and buttons.

I’m in the same boat thinking about a HRAP EX now, never used Sanwa myself and been a decade since I’ve been in an arcade so hard trying to figure out what feel and arts I want. I’d check out [media=youtube]vKQKhhFwHbs&eurl="[/media]. Towards the end he has two Hori buttons and four Sanwa in and starts tapping them and even a complete novice like me can tell the difference.

Ha! you linked my youtube vid. I guess I should have done that when I replied to his original post, huh.

Hmm, buttons look easy, does anyone have any idea about the artwork?

Mickey theres a Sanwa/Seimatsu Faq for more detail on the different buttons and what not. As far as artwork goes…well Im not sure what you want to know.