Questions about HRAP3

I am thinking about buying a used HRAP3. It will be my first experience using a stick, planning to play SSFIV with it. I plan to replace the buttons with Sanwa. However, before i buy it I have some questions.

Is it correct that the HRAP3 ships with a Sanwa JLF-TP8Y-SK?
Is it correct that it has quick disconnects that allows easy mod of the buttons?
Will OBSF-30 fit?
Will OBSF-24 fit (start/select)?

Sorry for asking what has probably already been answered. I have searched the forum, but I want to make sure about these things before buying. All the different versions of the HRAP makes me confused. :blush:

Here is a pic of the stick the seller sent me.

Thanks for your help!

You are correct on all accounts. The Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 does come stock with a Sanwa JLF (it doesn’t have the mounting plate though, but that won’t matter if you’re not replacing it). It does have quick disconnects for all the buttons. It does accept OBSF-30s and OBSF-24s. You’re good to go my friend. Just order your parts and maybe slap some custom artwork on it and you’ll be good to go. :tup:

Thank you!

30mm buttons will fit on any decent Japanese style stick (although some of the lower end Horis have tabs you have to grind). Happily, outside of needing a 7mm nut screwdriver to get at the carriage bolts, the HRAP3 is a pretty easy to mod stick.