Questions About: Hori Fighting Stick 3

Im curious what all has to be replaced in this stick if anything at all, and if sanwa’s/seimitsu just pop right into it without modification? Figured Id buy this stick to use on GGPO and other various SF/Capcom PC Games. Also what watt soldering gun/iron should i be looking for? Or can someone direct me to one thats good for arcade stick/pcb type stuff

it needs lots a tools to modify.

Well i figured since im gonna start modding sticks, and getting into this might aswell get a list of everything id most likely need dremel etc, Do you have a list of tools i will need? Drill bits etc? And where to find them? It would help me alot, Also does anyone have measurements for how big original buttons may be?

yeah i got a list here:
(really hopes he reads second post this time around)


Yes because i haven’t already done the fucking obvious, Some users just feel the need to feel there ego with there stupidity. You act like that’s the only thing i came here for, I am looking for things in general as well such as tools, Places to get tools, Deals for tools to help get me on the way to modding, Feels like user only read title.

Honestly, I really think you’re better off buying a stick that is either easier to mod, or already has arcade parts out of the box. The FS line just isn’t really that awesome.

Some people have issues getting them to work properly on a computer as well.

Do you have any suggestions for sticks in the same price range that are easier to mod?

Agreed. the stick or pcb isn’t worth it unless you are in love with the shape or layout. If you would just get a Hori RAP3 SA off Amazon for $90 you would have spent less on adding sanwa to a shitty FS3.
A dremel cost like $60 bucks
decent soldering iron is $30
Sanwa parts ~ $50
FS3 ~ $40
you will probably spend $180 modding a FS3.
Hori RAP3 SA Comes with all Sanwa parts. Same price as HFS3+Sanwa parts.

Don’t know if that will work well for pc though. You could always gut the pcb and put in a cthulhu.

Not really, Money seems to be an issue, My uncle worked construction however so he has almost all those tools just wanted a list to ask him for, If anyone knows an alternative to that stick post it up :smiley:

If you’re including the price of the tools + arcade parts you’d need for the FS3, you might as well just buy a HRAP or TE.

If you want something cheaper, get a SE. All the parts are a simple swap.

Or right now, this is so hard to beat for the price:

If I was in the States at the moment, I’d totally pick one up.


Yes because somehow, that makes me look stupid, when its not a typo at all, Its exactly what i wanted to be put down, thanks for accomplishing nothing.

It’s a metaphor, If you wanted to point something out I put “with” and forgot “there”.

shut up, scrub. you asked what tools you’ll need.

i linked you to a resource that tells you what tools you need. in fact, you could’ve bumped that thread instead of making your own redundant stupid thread.

I don’t see how its redudant, When i already searched and couldn’t find it, thats what the ‘tech talk’ is for, Scrub? You’ve never played me, Anytime you want to ft10, Im on GGPO Same name as here.

Not to be mean, but creating a thread is a bit redundant. When a thread already exists on the topic, try to use that one if possible. People get upset because a lot of times, the same questions have already been answered in that other thread and the creation a new thread is not necessary. Even if hasn’t been answered, people are less likely to flame you if you bump an older thread with your question. Creating a thread should be a last option.

As for the topic at hand, I would seriously try to steer you away from modding a FS3. Even if money is no object, it is a pain in the ass to mod, and would avoid purchasing it if possible. I would recommend getting a HRAP or a Fightstick TE as they are better stock and aren’t such a pain in the ass to mod. If you are looking for a easier stick to mod that is a bit smaller, go with a Fightstick SE. It is about the same size as a FS3 but WAY easier to mod.

Also, if your uncle has a lot of the tools, you may consider building your own stick. Read if you are interested in building your own stick from scratch.

Another person who obviously cannot read, I just told you i searched the threads with the ‘provided’ crappy google search and didn’t get any results on it at all, So no it isn’t ‘REDUNDANT’ If you can’t find the thread, So basically it was last option, Also i needed opinions on tools and wanted links to where to get some, But that wasn’t provided by anyone, So you’re assuming this thread is purely about the stick, So keep your lame ass comments away.

I really don’t know why you say my comments are “lame”. If you read my comments, I answered your question. Instead of chastising you, I merely suggested to bump an older thread with your question next time. If you want to get upset and label people as enemies, enjoy getting flamed rather quickly.

As for saying you searched and couldn’t find any results If you merely type in “hori fighting stick 3” as a search, the modding thread is the first thread available. Even though this was readily available, I never said that I wouldn’t help you and tried to answer your questions about other joysticks that are available in a comparable price range. I don’t understand how saying to search a little harder but answering your questions is lame. A lot of other people would not have provided you any information.

SRK can be a little daunting at first and that is why I am willing to give new members the benefit of the doubt. So please don’t try to get angry at people who are trying to help you out. :wgrin:

Right, Giving me the benifit of the doubt by lowering my ‘karma’ or whatever you want to call it, I could careless about anyone on these forums, Im not ‘making enemy’s’, You guys just assume everything i say is wrong and bash anyone whos opinion differs from yours, Be a little bit more open and stop being asses, and you won’t get users like me.

this is why we can’t have nice things

Just so you know, he can’t lower your rep. But by all means, keep talking out of your ass.