Questions about Hit Boxes, SF4

Hey all, was wondering…

#1. When frames are recovering on an attack and are no longer active do the hit boxes on the attack automatically turn from being red to being blue?

#2. When someone is attacking(Player X) and they get hit by their opponents(Player Y) attack does the attackers(X) hit boxes all turn blue or do the red ones stay there? I’m guessing the frame when someone gets hit is when they turn into the stunned animation and lose all red hit boxes

#3. A Hit Clash can only happen if both players red hit boxes overlap their opponents blue hit boxes during the same frame, right?

If you need me to explain these questions better I will definitely try :blush:

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This is just what I’ve observed and since HDR is the only game where hitboxes are visible, it may not be 100% accurate…

but #1/2 hitboxes generally do not change from red to blue, the red hitboxes simply disappear during recovery, leaving the blue hitboxes behind. (red and blue hitboxes will partially overlap)

As for #3, the red hitboxes must overlap but neither must touch the other’s blue hitboxes in order for it to be a clash. If red touches blue then it’s a trade or a clean hit instead.

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I think I have Clash and trade mixed up? Maybe I meant trade? Gonna google the differences lol

1> ahmmm, it’s hard to answer that because it sounds like you might have some misconceptions about how the boxes are positioned. red boxes and blue boxes are different from each other and take up different areas. take a look here for an awesome example of how they typically work: HDR Ryu’s cr.hp

2> yes. any red boxes being produced by a character taking a hit are immediately nullified by that hit. fireballs thrown by that character will continue to operate independently, though.

3> yes. note however that, during typical play, the presence of multiple active frames (the whole window of time during which an attack can cause a hit), attacks that move your character’s position (horizontal and/or vertical), and red boxes sticking over blue boxes (sort of a reflection of spacial priority or lack thereof) allow this to happen more easily than actually both attacks starting to hit on the very exact same frame.

SF4 doesn’t have “clashes” in it, just trades (two people hit each other at the same time, both players get hit and react according to that).

It doooes have throw breaks a.k.a. tech breaks a.k.a. techs where one player has averted the other player’s attempted throw. Visually this looks a lot like something you’d probably want to call a “clash.”

Some games do have clash systems but the meaning varies a lot from game to game (or series). In Virtua Fighter 5 it has to do with an attack and a throw neutralizing each other. In some weapons-based games two attacks can neutralize each other. Your mom’s closet has a clash system where none of her clothes ever seem to match one another.

Yea… I try to tell her that her orange sweater does NOT match her red pants, but she REFUSES to listen, hence why no one will ever date her, =(

And yea I meant trade not clash >.<, not trying to talk about Guilty Gear or smash here XD

But I guess a better way for me to ask question #1 is. Do red hit boxes exist after the active frames - during the recovery frames?.. I think Sleazoid answered me on this one though :slight_smile:

Oh, yes. To make it absolutely clear: as soon as an attack makes contact (ie. hits or is blocked), all of its red boxes disappear and it will produce no further red boxes on any remaining active frames. The way this is usually phrased is: all of its active frames are converted to recovery frames.


  • Let’s say an attack has 3 frames of startup, 4 active frames, and 9 recovery frames. In a well-produced game, this will graphically equate to Jim Puncher Dinkerson winding up his arm for about 3 frames, holding his fist out for roughly 4 frames, and pulling his arm back in and settling comfortably back into his overalls for 9 frames. The total duration of this attack is 16 frames.

  • Its 1st, 2nd, and 3rd frames are blue boxes only. (Note that these may or may not change shapes/sizes/positions compared to those of the character’s neutral stance.)

  • On the 4th frame it produces one or more red boxes. This is its first active frame.

  • If it connects (hit or block) on that 4th frame, then it immediately ceases to create additional red boxes on any later frames and the 5th through 16th frames will all be blue boxes only.

  • If it connects on its 5th frame, the 6th through 16th are blue boxes only. If it does not, it will continue making red boxes on the next (6th) frame.

  • If it connects on the 6th, the 7th through 16th are blue. Otherwise it keeps making reds for the 7th.

  • It may or may not connect on the 7th, but the 8th through 16th will be all blue anyway. The 7th is its last active frame so it will not make any red boxes past this time regardless of what has happened. In other words, even if it does not connect at all (it whiffed), the 8th through 16th frames are still always all true blue.

The only way that this process is broken once it has commenced is if A} the attack is canceled by another move (the next move begins before the original one actually finished), or B} Jim Puncher Dinkerson gets smacked out of it during his little 16 frame performance (he immediately enters hitstun and takes damage and generally looks like a little bitch).

edit: or if he gets thrown. toss people out of their shit every day.