Questions about candy cabinets

i am looking to buy a candy cab arcade and was wondering about a few things:
[]how could i hook up an xbox 360, dreamcast, and jamma (maybe jvs for naomi and Tetsunoko vs Capcom) in the same cab
]what is the best cabinet to do this with (no budget yet just trying to figure things out)
[*]where can you find some in the US
pics of different harnesses and cabs are greatly appreciated


Have you checked out Anyone here bought a VEWLIX kit from KRAY?
those you can just install a normal lcd 32 or 23inch
If you are located on the west coast you wont have as hard of time check craigslist but east coast its pretty ruff ibeatu waited years for a local candy on the east coast

yah, i have seen them before but i would rather have the real thing i unfortunately live in Ohio but i still have to get money together i am more interested in how everything is wired up and connected so i can then do it myself when the time comes to get one i like to plan ahead before i make a big purchase and put myself into a big investment

Tons of options.

Blast city, multires, easy vga hook up for 360, etc. Pad hacks or something for controls.

New astro city(or other 15/24KHZ cab). Dual res, run 360 with a ultracade UVC at 24 khz. pad hacks. might need an amp to get sound.

Astro city (or other 15 khz cab) viletim scart to jamma converter, not the nicest picture but ok for 360. Pad hacks…

Just some options, hope it helps

thanks i was actually looking at either a blast city or a capcom impress

what about wiring a naomi or other jvs boards

Not sure how to have it all running at the same time tbh. If you ran the pad hacks to a Jamma fingerboard and female cps2 harness housing it wouldn’t be too hard to swap stuff over I don’t think. I don’t have any jvs/naomi stuff sorry. Just Jamma. My advice is to buy multiple cabs for different applications if you can

don’t necessarily want them running all at once i was going to hook up dc and xbox through vga and have jamma/jvs running when not playing xbox and DC when it comes to console controls i was going to wait til the ps360+ comes out and run molex connectors into the control panel and make ethernet cables for dreamcast and xbox 360

also if i were to get a blast city could i hook up the vga and jamma for display at the same time (not using them at the same time just leave them plugged in at the same time)