Question with mounting a button to a Coin Insert Slot (in custom controller)

To start things off, I know this is a bit of a stretch, but it’s something I really want to do. I’m in the planning stages of having a stick built, and I’ve gone with the idea of having my Start/Select Buttons off the face entirely, and with them my Home/Guide Button. I’m using player 1/2 buttons for the Star and Select, and I think it would add something to my controller to mount a coin insert, and have that press a button when pressed in. Over the top? Yes. But it will make my controller mine lol.
This is the part that I imagine I’ll have to get a switch on to, anyone have any ideas or suggestions, or another part that I may need?

wow, that will requires a hefty amount of modding. First suggestion, get the "“Coin entry bezel”.

I love you, Mojo. You have just made my week.

@MrMojoZ: Nice find, I have seen it before and couldn’t recall it.

will that moint on a normal button hole? i would love to throw a green one on the front of my stick.