Question this Stick Idea

To all elite custom builders and SRK members. Im trying to figure out a way for a new build for a stick but want to try to make it capable to switch the custom art at will without taking the buttons out or stick. Thinking of something like the top panel with thumb screws like a pc case easy to take off then place new graphic in. Any ideas peoples ?

its doable but your holes in the plexi for the buttons would have to be about 32-33 mm to lift it off without removing the buttons , and the buttons would be flush with the plexi which would feel kinda weird (unless u raise the buttons the same as the plexi thickness) , ball/bat top is unscrewable so in theory its doable but would look and feel kinda weird.

If you change your art more than your shorts / underwear i guess its worthwhile…

Its definately doable

It can even be done while keeping the buttons flush with the plexi

reckon is right in saying that the button cutouts would need to be large enough to fit around the buttons.

You can keep the buttons flush with the plexi by cutting a plexi ring that sits under the buttons.

Give it a shot

i’m doing a build right now, keeping in mind the ability to change art at will. i have a top layer of acrylic (0.093’ thick or 3/32") with 30mm holes for buttons and 24 mm hole for joystick. a layer under that is 1/4" thick still with 30 mm holes for buttons and 24 mm holes for joystick. then i have a third layer of poplar 1/2" thick. the flat mounting plate for my JLF will rest on the top of this layer (the third 1/2" thick layer) and i have to make the appropriate cut for the rest of the JLF to fit. holes for buttons will not be 30mm actually, this is to accommodate the mounting nut for the sanwa OSBN-30s that i plan to use. you will need to screw your 2nd and 3rd layers to the box to attach them to the box. the nuts from the sanwa buttons will keep the plexiglass attached to the 2nd layer (1/4" poplar). if you ever need to replace artwork, just unscrew ball from JLF, and unscrew buttons, replace artwork, screw them back on. simple. end product looks something like this

props to slagcoin who inspired me. i’ll be posting a worklog of my build.

EDIT sorry, re-read OP and i guess he doesn’t want to have to take out the buttons. i dno if my idea will work then.

Here’s an idea

The top panel will be all plexi, or something see through, fiberglass w/e. Use this part for only the button.

the next panel will be for your artwork.

the last panel will be for mounting of the stick.

note that for each panel use as many layers as needed.

after that either make it like a book where each panel flips, or make it so that the top panel has its own set of screws then the art panel has its own as well, bla bla bla.

The problems with this is you still have a problem with the balltop. Unless you keep it loose or prefer to use pliers. Also, stick height may be wrong and may be a lot smaller than normal, who knows

ill try to draw up a lil diagram if i have time. hope you understand what i mean

The design I’m talking about mass producing this summer will be the ‘screwless arcade stick’. Now that’s not 100% true, because obviously screws are going to be used to mount the joystick… but, the design I have in mind is glued+doweled and clamped together while it dries, uses plexi over board with screw in buttons to hold it to the art, and the art to the board, and a bottom sheet of plexi that slides into a slot with a lip for the bottom.

Just have to start drawing up plans.

edit: Just in case you’re still looking in about a month or two.

thanks for all the ideas. im going to try some and see how it looks My main focus to do this is i have so many graphics i want to use but done want to build 6 boxes.