Question regarding Paewong PCB and SF4 TE SF4 Turbo/Home buttons

Before I begin, let me explain the situation I’m having regarding this PCB, the stick, and so on. I bought a Paewong PS3+360 pcb last year in December to use as my first major step to modding a stick. I had an old Hori stick laying around that wasn’t functioning due to a torn USB and damaged joystick. I tried modding the stick with the Paewong PCB using the help of this tutorial [media=youtube]Y_UiBgVWgzE[/media]. The mod was a failure, and I gave up on it since I already had an (at the time) functioning SF4 TE for the ps3. In early January, my TE had a couple of non-functioning buttons, such as the turbo and home buttons, and one of the buttons on the layout of the stick. I opened the stick up, trying to switch around the buttons and the wires to see if I can use one of the 3xKick or 3xPunch buttons to replace on of the non-functioning buttons, but then, more buttons stopped working. I later found out that the PCB itself was damaged and couldn’t be repaired.
I have no money for a new stick, and I want to have one that’s dual modded since I play on a ps3, but most tournaments in my area are held on a 360, so I decided I wanted to use the Paewong PCB I received as a way to use this the TE as a case for the PCB.
My Questions and requests - Is their a chart of any info regarding which point on the PCB for the Turbo and Home button for the ps3 TE leads to which point? I want to use the turbo connection and home connection on the Paewong PCB and connect them to the original TE Home and turbo PCB.
Also, the original usb on the Paewong PCB has been removed (it actually came removed). The original USB for my TE has been cut and stripped and I was wondering if I can connect the TE’s usb to the Paewongs USB point? Is there a ground point that has to be connected for the USB as well? I also have the original Paewongs USB. Would it be better to use that as the USB port?

thanks for the image :smiley: