Question regarding iTunes. Please help!

Yo everyone,

Over the years, my itunes library has racked up tons of albums due to my somewhat antiquated enjoyment of buying physical CDs. Whenever I would buy a new cd, I would rip it to itunes so I could enjoy it on my computer or on my ipod, and use my cd in my car or whatever. The only exception to this was one album I bought off the iTunes store. However, a couple of months ago my laptop (with itunes) crashed, and lately I’ve just been using my desktop.

My question is, is there any way to take all the songs off my ipod and copy them to my desktop computer? I’d really hate to go through and manually rip all the cds that I have on it onto my desktop, not to mention the fact that I’m sure I have lost several of those CDs by now. I still have all my itunes information, of course, and I’m getting really tired of not having access to all of those songs on my computer, not to mention the fact that I’d like to upload some new CDs as well.

tl;dr: Is there a way to transfer all the music from my ipod (that was ripped from my cds) to my computer?

Thanks for your help!

HOW-TO: Get music OFF your iPod – Engadget

There you go buddy. Had the same thing happen not to long ago. Thank goodness I had a ipod or else I would have lost all my music.

Yes you can. There is a program call Idump.

Downloaded it and use it.

Also if you want your playlist and what not go into your itunes folder and it should still be there.

Thanks for the input, guys, I really appreciate it! Does doing this downgrade the audio quality of the tracks at all?