Question on Pro Pad players

So I am seeing a lot of top level pros use the standard PS4 pad. Nuckledu, Punk, Wolfkrone etc…
My question is how? Are they using the d-pad or analog stick. I’ve tried to watch matches of them to figure it out but there’s no footage I can find with there hands on the controller.
Anyone know what they’re doing>

Most I have seen use the Dpad, but I have seen players using both. Whatever is comfortable

Nuckledu uses analog stick for Guile and Dpad for Mika. In my experience, some characters work unbelievably well with analog stick. The two that immediately come to mind for me are Guile and Zangief. I got stuck at some point in both of their Trials, and the moment I switched to analog stick, I immediately had an easier time. Do keep in mind that this isn’t the case for all characters, just that the style and moves of some characters work more reliably when not using Dpad. In the case of Guile, it’s easier to instantly charge next boom on analog stick, same with linking into super and flash kicks.

It makes me pretty happy that SF5 almost even seems to favor pad users at times since I’m primarily a pad player. Sticks are a bit too loud for me since I mostly play at night. Smug uses pad too by the way, and Luffy still uses a PS1 pad. I’d say the three most dominant SF5 players at the moment are pad users.

Anyway, DualShock 4 is a godlike pad. Best pad I’ve used for SF5, and ever used in general. Others just seem to break down easily.

I couldn’t imagine using the analog stick, but I can see how it would help avoid thumb pains for charge characters. I’m stuck wearing a pair of decently thick gloves, though I have to change them out every half a year or so. Still, it works for me.

That said, yeah, DS4 is a great pad to use for it. I’ve heard good things about the Xbone Pro/Elite Controller as well, but for it’s price, I’ll never know.

I used to play Marvel 2 on Dreamcast pad and I’d switch mid-fight.
Magneto, Storm, and anyone that needed sharp diagonals, I used Dpads. Strider comes to mind as well.
Cable, Doom, and Sentinel, I’d use the analog because for Cable, TK motions was vital and I found them easier on the stick. Doom and Sentinel, as well as some things for Ironman, I’d use the analog.
It was weird because I’d use Ironman and bait hits in the air, but could only do fast fly combos with the stick, so I’d have to confirm and then switch from dpad to stick.
This is why I didn’t use Ironman, btw.

lol funny i love the ds4 and yet i see guys diss it saying ps3 pad is much better WTF???!! i hateddd ps3 pad i bought a ps2 usb adapter just cause i hated it so bad that d pad ripped skin off thumbs so stiff u couldn’t roll qcf’s charge worth a damn lol but then came ps4 the d pad is very thin especially around the edges which makes easier to roll qcfs the d pad is actually wider and longer but much thinner so easier t press down and slide motions idk about buttons tbh as i have only played on it like 3 times ever but i did like the back trigger buttons for fp and rh k

@Viewtiful_Jew You should look into the Hori Fighting Commander 4. When I was considering going to pad I got one and it was pretty cool. I would imagine it’d be great for Tekken too if you play that game. Make sure you get the newer one and not the one with the one longer edge. The newer one is made like a Sega Genesis controller almost. Feels great in the hands.

I wonder how they’re mapping their buttons. I hate that SFV doesn’t let you map things to the right stick. I really wish you could map things like V-Trigger or the three punch macro to it.

V-Reversals are a chore to do consistently for me since I have to press a trigger and two buttons and it gets really inconsistent, and I can’t throw tech on reaction without the throw macro to save my life.