Question on possible team synergy

Yeah I’m guessing you guys get this quite a bit.

I’ve been playing UMVC3 for quite some time and I must say I’ve had fun playing around with all of the characters but I haven’t seen my skills grow much. I think it’s best for me to stick with a team so I’d prefer to have one with the three characters I enjoy playing the most; Spiderman, Trish & Shumagorath. I doubt this team would be that good but I just would maybe like to go up against my friends who do have set teams and play a few ranked games here and there.

Any starting tips for this guys, channels that may be a good showcasing of any of these characters?

Most importantly if you think this team is by any means possible the order and their assists?

I’d be very appreciative towards any tips you guys give. Thanks.

Yeah that’s a pretty terrible team, but honestly if you’re just playing against your friends (assuming they’re not placing high in majors or something) you can make do with a team of characters you play well.

That said, I don’t see much synergy for Spidey and Trish at all. Spidey/Shuma and Trish/Shuma could be made decent, but the front part of that team is not gonna work too well. DHC synergy is bad, neither gets anything special out of each others’ assists, and they’re not going to do enough damage without using Trish’s team aerial combo. If you do run it, pick Web Ball, Peekaboo, and Mystic Ray.

What I do suggest if you want to fight your friends more effectively, is taking Spidey/Shuma and Trish/Shuma and putting them on separate teams, preferably with Doom missiles in the middle or a different OTG assist (bonus points if it hits low like Wesker or X-23). Missiles are a BFF assist for both Spidey and Trish, and Mystic Ray is good for basically everyone. Either team would be fairly high damage, and both would have unblockable setups one way or another. At any rate, working with two characters you like and pairing them with an assist that helps them work better is a good way to be in this game.

Players to look up-
Trish: Disgruntled Goa, RDK, GreenAce
Spider-Man: Mamespider, Skinhoff, Xero
Shuma: Tonosama, Angelic (more as an assist/anchor, but that’s still helpful)

Good luck. Also, there’s a team-building thread you might want to use in the future.

Yup, please use the one and only team building thread: