Question on Pool equipment setup


Tournaments that I have seen lately are using headphones.

Will EVO be using speakers or headphones at their tournament setup? Why are some tournaments using heaphones these days. Wires are all over the place and not to mention they are bulky.

Last year’s stream stations used headphones. It’s so you can hear, if you weren’t aware.
They’re not required, so I’m not sure why you’re complaining?

I’m not complaining I was just wondering what EVO will be doing this year. I’ve never been to EVO before so I wouldn’t know. Lighten up I just wanted some info thanks.

I’m not sure what purpose your comment that they’re bulky and wires are all over the place serves then. In any case, they provide headphones for players to use in case you’re playing a game that requires sound for optimal play (e.g. using the sound of an opponent’s assist to punish it before it’s active). If it’s like it was last year, they’ll be providing a USB hub to plug your stick into in case the headphones are taking up a slot.