Question on making okizeme setups

My question is mostly with frame data on wake-up with TT

do the wake-up frames for the opponent start at the same time as the TT’s recovery?

so it would be like 71 frames (avg wake-up) minus 39 frames (heavy TT recovery) = 32 frames to play with okizeme

in short… is that how it works? I’ve never played a character who is mix-up heavy so I’m new to analyzing wake-up frames for stuff other than safe jumps.

alright… go the abel FAQ thread… where it talks about okizeme… theres a pdf file that shows alot of abel’s options and it gives his frame advantage… :slight_smile:

I want to know how they arrived at the conclusions made in the PDF file. What’s the math behind knowing dash + lk roll after a TT leaves you at 8f, is it just Get up (71 frames average) minus TT recovery minus dash frames minus lk roll? I’m curious about the formula, not actual setups.

hmm how about this for starters?

perfect, exactly what I was looking for, thank you!

Got an okizeme question. After a TT, dash mk roll, Abel should be +5. I’ve tried meaty c.lp after that against Sakura/Ken’s (3 frames) on wake up they can stuff the meaty c.lp.

Changed the meaty attack to Abel’s and it stuffs their I thought maybe the reason why meaty c.lp doesn’t work is that I didn’t do the ‘tighest’ timing for the dash into mk roll but I’ve done it a few times but everytime I use it works. Is there a hitbox problem with Abel’s c.lp that some low attacks might avoid it. It seems to stuff meaty too.

So basically go training mode, record tt, dash, mk roll into c.lp and try Sakura/Ken’s on wake up against Abel’s meaty c.lp. Don’t mash the crouching lk. If it works that means the timing to get a proper +5 is very hard. If it doesn’t work, that means Abel’s c.lp hitbox is too high.