Question if I should get Daigo to sign this PS3 mad catz stick or another one

I got a PS3 mad catz comic con 2009 ltd stick, I think there were only 250 pieces and I just found it as I am praticing for Evo 2011

I want him to sign it and maybe write something on it, I wont really be looking to sell it but will that just be defacing it and should I get another more common mad catz for him to sign

Why would you get Daigo to sign it in the first place?

You should get signatures from Mike Ross or Gootecks.
They are the true gods of SF4.

Actually no.
Get it signed by jdm.

Well think of it this way. If he signs it then you’re more likely to hang on to it.

…But it’ll never be as awesome as my TE =D

Here I am.

I don’t think Daigo or Gootecks or Mike Ross exist in Tech Talk.
Isn’t Tech Talk jdm714, Gummowned, MarkMan, Toodles and more?


Get Toodles to sign it then get it framed. :smile:

I like that. Jdm is the Daigo of Tech Talk.

Looks like I’ll be lugging my TE to EVo :wink:

I wish jdm can sign my stick

JDM? who cuz

also I hope Daigo doesn’t give me the probrem look either

Don’t make me bust out my collection of signed sticks.

Do it Markman and Hijack this thread!

Do it yo!

You can’t just come here, drop that, and leave. BRING IN THE PICS.