Question for the cvs2 players

**who is the better character all around iori or chun li? now i posted this in fighting discussion and didn’t really get the response i wanted. thus i’m trying here, and i deleted it old thread.

ABASI!** :cool:

They’re two totally different characters. Learn them both I say. Have fun with the game.

Chun-li is better, but Iori is still very good and can compete with all of the top tiers on high levels (save A Bison.)

Iori can take on A-Bison AND A-Sakura.

Blanka’s his worst match-up.

How is Blanka his worst matchup? can’t u just time his moves then roll and attack? tell me how so i can beat you the next time we meet :slight_smile:

Well, now that you’re asking,…

you gotta be good at RCs. :stuck_out_tongue:

chun li… but iori is still good.

**okay it’s been long enough, time for me to speak u. what does chun have that iori doesn’t have.

iori has the better anti air
the better fireball
he can be used in any groove
chun has the more damaging super but by a pixel
both have great ground game

there 's more but i can’t think of it. i’ll say more later.

ABASI!** :cool:

chun li has sick walking speed, good AA, awesome air to air game, i’m pretty sure her super cancel does a lot more than iori’s and is easier to land. Her level 1s do insane damage. She’s just a bitch. Iori has the better b&b but pretty much everyone agrees that chun is better, especially c groove

she can gaurd crush ur meter with her special :smiley: and she has awesome range